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EVO Japan 2019 stream cuts feed after lewd display during Dead or Alive 6 presentation, staff apologizes

'The DOA ad that aired on our stream does not reflect the core values of EVO or the FGC'

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 15, 2019 at 8:29 a.m. PST • Comments: 202

During the EVO Japan 2019 live stream earlier this morning, a stage presentation for Dead or Alive 6 was interrupted after a lewd scene in-game was broadcast resulting in the live feed being cut by the tournament's organizers.

Koei Tecmo's upcoming 3D fighting title saw a demonstration at EVO Japan that aimed to give fans a glimpse at the product and gameplay ahead of its March 1st release date. With Dead or Alive 6 producer Yohei Shimbori on stage, as well as two female hosts, the show was cut short when the game's camera feature was used to display a moment that was overtly sexual in nature.

A couple of minutes after the incident aired on EVO Japan's main English broadcast, the stream went down. The EVO staff apologized for the events that transpired on social media, as well as on the tournament stream when it returned.

"The DOA ad that aired on our stream does not reflect the core values of EVO or the FGC," wrote EVO tournament organizer Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar in a since deleted tweet. "We ended the stream temporarily to protect the integrity of the brand. We sincerely apologize to our fans."

EVO's Head of Business Development, Mark "MarkMan" Julio, also took to the stream to apologize for what took place on the EVO Japan broadcast. "I just want to get on stream and apologize on behalf of Triple Perfect and EVO Championship Series," Julio started.

"The stuff that was on stream just recently from one of our partners that were showcasing their recent title that is going to be coming out does not reflect the content and intention of EVO. So we do apologize if we offended anyone during the broadcast," he concluded.

The clips in this story feature content NSFW.

Mr. Wizard's tweet about Dead or Alive 6 incident at EVO Japan image #1
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Throughout the demonstration, other moments that fell under a similar umbrella to the one that led to pulling the plug on the stream were displayed.

Using Dead or Alive 6's camera feature, we saw more instances of female body parts being zoomed in on and other risque poses being showcased.

The two female hosts also struck several sexually oriented poses on stage, emulating things like Dead or Alive 6's jiggle physics.

Dead or Alive is a fighting game franchise that is known for putting an emphasis on its sexual content, so it's not too surprising that the latest title's photo mode would be used in such a way. Having said that, it seems as though this incident falls into more of a "time and place" kind of deal.

Source: EVO. Thanks to Rooflemonger and an anonymous reader for sending this in.

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