ESAM lists his best 10 moves in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • February 16, 2019 at 5:28 p.m. PST

Typically in a fighting game, certain characters are armed with moves that are exceptionally strong. Although this can often result in a fighter achieving top tier status, sometimes even a low tier can gain access to a ridiculous attack or two.

PG|ESAM recently released his top 10 best moves in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate list. Everything featured comes from version 2.0.0 of the game.

Being that it's no secret that ESAM is a big believer in Pikachu's capabilities in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It's no surprise that he listed the character's Quick Attack up special, but it was only at number ten.

Meanwhile, Pichu's forward tilt ranks at number nine on ESAM's list. Other upper tiered combatants have their moves featured like Olimar, Mega Man, and Snake.

Of course, ESAM apparently thinks very highly of Ganondorf's neutral aerial and Incineroar's Revenge (counter). Notably, these two are often regarded as mid tiers or lower on professional lists.

Being that ESAM is a top competitor for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, his knowledge about the game is already great. As a result, he offers detailed and interesting explanations about each referenced move during the video. It's definitely worth checking out.

ESAM's 10 best moves

1. Snake's Side Special (Remote Missile)
2. Roy's Side Special (Double Edge Dance)
3. Mega Man's Down Special (Leaf Shield)
4. Ivysaur's Up Aerial
5. Olimar's Up Smash
6. R.O.B.'s Side Special (Arm Rotor)
7. Ganondorf's Neutral Aerial
8. Incineroar's Down Special (Revenge)
9. Pichu's Forward Tilt
10. Pikachu's Up Special (Quick Attack)

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