What possible fighting game announcements might we expect for EVO Japan 2019?

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • February 13, 2019 at 7:33 p.m. PST

EVO Japan 2019 is a major event that will occur over this weekend. Since this tournament is relatively new, it won't be quite as big as the yearly EVO.

This year's lineup includes Tekken 7, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Soul Calibur 6, King of Fighters 14, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, and Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2.

As far as potential announcements are concerned, this means we might get news from Capcom, Bandai Namco, SNK, or Arc System Works.

Note that Injustice 2, Mortal Kombat X, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will all be absent. In other words, it's extremely unlikely that we'll get any sort of announcement from NetherRealm Studios or Nintendo.

Of course, there's no guarantee that there will be any announcements at all. It certainly isn't an impossibility though.

Keep in mind that not a lot was announced for last year's EVO Japan weekend. With that said, let's consider what content might be announced at EVO Japan 2019.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

This Friday will mark the 62nd day since Kage was released for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. We're rapidly approaching day 70 which is the longest time span between the first and second characters of a season for Street Fighter 5.

Thus far, we've been given very little information about what's going on for Season 4. There's currently no plans for a season pass this year as Capcom is doing things differently this time.

Unfortunately, it seems that Yoshinori Ono will not be able to attend EVO Japan this year. Given, Ono has not been in attendance for every announcement regarding Street Fighter 5 content.

It's also worth noting that EVO Japan 2019 is not part of the Capcom Pro Tour. This means that Capcom's presence at the event is not guaranteed. In fact, they didn't announce anything at the event last year.

Still, it was recently stated by Capcom's U.K. community manager that "the story of Street Fighter 5 is not finished." Obviously this can be interpreted in a couple different ways, but it's nice to hear all the same.

Overall, the chances for a new character for Street Fighter 5 this weekend are looking extremely slim, but not completely impossible. If it happens, it'd be a nice surprise by Capcom.

Tekken 7

Marduk and Armor King became available to download in Tekken 7 back in early December. It's been two months since then.

The two remaining characters of the second season of Tekken 7 are Julia and... Negan from the Walking Dead series. This could be a prime opportunity to release one or both of them, or show off more of their gameplay.

Once again though, keep in mind that nothing was announced for Tekken 7 at last year's event. Interestingly enough, EVO Japan's payout for the Tekken 7 tournament is greater than the World Tour Finals.

In any event, the timing might be perfect for Tekken 7 fans. The odds of this happening seem fairly plausible.

Soul Calibur 6

It's been revealed that there will be a "Project Soul Panel Session" will be held at EVO Japan 2019 on February 16. Apparently, the producer of Tekken 7 and Soul Calibur 6, Motohiro Okubo, will be present here.

Nier: Automata's 2B was released as a downloadable guest character for Soul Calibur 6 back in December 2018. Of course, there are at least two more fighters that will be released thanks to the season pass.

This comes across as a prime opportunity for Bandai Namco to release some information or a trailer about the next DLC character. We currently don't know the identity of who is next.

Samurai Shodown

Although King of Fighters 15 has been confirmed to be in development, I think it's unlikely we'll receive any news about this game at this time. This is because SNK has revealed that King of Fighters 15 was not even in pre-production yet and only in early talks within the company as of December of 2018.

We'll be more likely to see something about Samurai Shodown during the top 8 portion of the King of Fighters 14 event. Our first and so far only look at Samurai Shodown was back in September of 2018.

Development is probably further along by this point. We could see a new character trailer or two.

Considering that SNK allowed players to play an unreleased character in King of Fighters 14 during last year's events. As a result, some sort of reveal from SNK at EVO Japan 2019 seems likely.

Sent in by: Vinny Aguiar.

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