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Joker gameplay, a Dragon Quest representative or something else: What are we likely to see for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in today's Nintendo Direct?

You'll never see it coming

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 13, 2019 at 11:51 a.m. PST • Comments: 7

Nintendo's latest Direct stream is set to kick off in just a few short hours which will give us our first good chance in 2019 to see what's going to be in store for the highly successful Switch console.

Beginning at 2 p.m. PST / 5 p.m. EST, the developer and publisher has 35 minutes worth of content planned for new Switch titles with a seeming focus on the upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

While we shouldn't necessarily expect to see new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate content during the live stream since it is stated to be focused on upcoming titles, we still have a really good chance to see more information regarding the DLC characters.

Given that Nintendo normally only holds Directs once every two or three months or so, this also might be the last chance to unveil what Persona 5's Joker looks and plays like in Smash Ultimate even though we still don't know his actual release date.

Rumors have also been swirling that another Square Enix-owned representative from the Dragon Quest series will be making their way into Smash Ultimate — and they may have already been referenced in the game's code — so we could also get our first look or a teaser for Erdrick as well.

With the assumed focus on the new Fire Emblem game today, Nintendo might be preparing yet another hero to possibly join the cast given Smash's connection to its series and characters which we'll get into more with the other probabilities below.

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What Super Smash Bros. related content could we see at the February 13 Nintendo Direct?

Joker gameplay reveal and release info

Persona 5's Joker got his surprise reveal at The Game Awards last year just a day before the game officially launched, but we have yet to see what the character actually looks like in Smash Ultimate since his first trailer was purely 2D animation.

Piranha Plant released two weeks ago as the game's first DLC character with five more on the way, so Nintendo would need to release a character around every two months to keep up with their current timetable of releasing them all by February 2020.

This would give Nintendo about a month and a half left — going off of his assumed release window — to properly show off Joker's slick moves if his full reveal doesn't come today meaning there likely wouldn't be enough time to have another Direct stream before April. We believe this adds credence to Atlus' first rep getting the full unveil very soon.

The only thing that could hold this back is if Nintendo and Atlus want to wait to give us more Joker details until March when "Persona 5 R" is scheduled to be announced during a concert event for the franchise.

Dragon Quest finally joins the fight

Before Persona 5 R was ever officially revealed, an anonymous leaker detailed information regarding the teased title plus the fact that Granblue Fantasy Versus was in the works at Arc System Works almost a week prior to the game's official announcement as well.

This same leaker also stated some extra alleged details about Joker in Smash alongside the proclamation that Erdrick, the main protagonist of Dragon Quest 3 and pivotal member of the series' overarching plot, would also be joining the DLC roster.

Erdrick's inclusion was seemingly further backed up by data mined from Smash Ultimate's files that referred to Piranha Plant and Joker plus a code named character, Brave. Said name is the translated Japanese title of the Hero class in the Dragon Quest series though that data has since been removed.

Dragon Quest 11 S is also planned to be coming to the Switch at some point in 2019, so now would probably make a great opportunity to at least tease what is up their sleeves for Smash Ultimate's probable third DLC fighter.

Fire Emblem gets another representative

Fire Emblem currently has seven representatives in Smash Ultimate, among the most in the crossover franchise, and each new mainline hero has been included in Smash's roster dating back to Roy in Melee — and his game wasn't even out yet.

Many fans might moan about it, but there's a good chance we could see a protagonist from the new Fire Emblem: Three Houses title show up as DLC in Ultimate especially considering that Corrin was added as DLC in Smash 4.

Even if this does turn out to be the case, we still likely won't see a reveal for it today — though there's obviously a chance. Given the state of the game, Nintendo may wait until Three Houses is closer to launching to tie it in with a potential Smash announcement.

Something else could of course come out of left field as well like Doom Guy, but this is what we feel is most likely to show up during today's Nintendo Direct. Let us know what games and announcements you hope to see in the comments.

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