Capcom acknowledges Blanka's screen freezing glitch as players are starting to use it in actual Street Fighter 5 matches

Update coming in the near future, but is it too late? Are we in Blanka's world now?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 13, 2019 at 7:27 a.m. PST | Comments: 33

Blanka received quite the birthday present yesterday, as players discovered a new glitch in Street Fighter 5 involving the character that allowed him to freeze his opponent no matter what they were doing and opened up the possibility for infinite combos.

By specifically cancelling Blanka's Critical Art into a forward hop with a one-frame window, the screen will go dark for the CA activation, but Blanka can still move freely and even combo after hitting it which has quickly gotten the developers' attention.

Capcom has now released an official statement regarding what they call the 'Blanka Battle Bug' confirming they know of its existence and are "planning to fix this bug in the near future" although some players are already taking advantage of it in online matches.

Javier "Cast Blanka" Castaneda recently uploaded multiple clips to his Twitter account showing how you can apply the screen freeze against other players on defense or offense leading to some wild situations by Street Fighter's standards.

Cast Blanka's first match footage shows the player activating the glitch to dash in at his opponent without worry before hitting them with an infinite loop where Blanka can cause the freeze multiple times in a single combo as he hops to each side and kicks a defenseless Karin. The other clip shows Blanka stopping time so he can easily avoid Urien's EX headbutt and Knee Drop plus get out of the corner for free.

Performing this glitch does come with a fairly big risk, however, as messing up the timing even by one frame means that Blanka will throw out his Critical Art and potentially leave himself wide open with no meter.

There currently is no time table as to when we should expect to see a patch to rectify this game-breaking bug, but you can check out Capcom's official statement on the issue after the jump and Cast Blanka's clips below.

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Capcom's statement on the Blanka Battle Bug

We have confirmed the existence of a bug where, if Blanka performs Surprise Forward or Surprise Back on the 1st frame of Dynamic Rolling, the game will freeze as per Critical Art startup animation, but Blanka will still be able to move around freely.

We are planning to fix this bug in the near future, and we will keep you updated as developments progress.

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