Game-breaking glitch discovered in Street Fighter 5 gives Blanka an infinite

Freezes the opponent in place and leaves them open to attacks

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 12, 2019 at 1:28 p.m. PST | Comments: 37

A new glitch has been discovered in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition that involves Blanka. Essentially, the Season 3 character is able to freeze opponents on screen when his Critical Art is performed a certain way.

Discovered by TeamPIESci, the original clip showed the Birdie player up against a Blanka online. After being launched into the air, the Blanka player attempted to combo into his Critical Art, but instead activated a weird screen freeze that locked Birdie in place, yet still allowing Blanka to move freely.

WydD later confirmed the bug's existence, showing how it's done. Blanka players have to basically cancel the super into his forward hop using a plink of the punch button and forward + all three kicks.

The timing is strict, as WydD notes that if you wait one frame or more between the Critical Art input and the hop, it won't trigger. However, pulling it off has some major benefits.

For one thing, when the opponent is stuck in the screen freeze their inputs will not come out. This renders them helpless in situations like during a jump in or if they committed to a big attack and are countered with this glitch.

On top of that, successfully activating this oddity negates the use of Blanka's Critical Art meter, despite the bug centering around super. If Blanka does the glitch, he'll still have a Critical Art at his disposal, and you can see examples of both situations below.

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While the input to activate this glitch can be tricky, we're already seeing that it's possible to create infinites with Blanka in Street Fighter 5. Twitter user VoraponTussakon shared an example of a sequence that keeps landing standing heavy kick and the screen freeze repeatedly.

Only nine reps are done here, but short of messing up the input, it should be possible to keep the combo going until the opponent is KO-ed.

With some practice, it seems like this glitch will actually be something that can be utilized in real matches. It'll be tricky to pull off — considering if you fail the input, you'll get a raw Critical Art and waste all of your meter — but it does have some scary uses attached to it.

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