Fuudo busts out 'top tier' Birdie's V-Trigger 2 against Daigo to great effect in HiFight's latest Street Fighter 5 match analysis video

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 12, 2019 at 9:53 a.m. PST

Rage's Street Fighter League has been going down in Japan for two weeks now where some of the best players in the world have teamed up to compete for the title of number one and the grand prize of 3 million yen ($27,300 USD).

Resident fighting game highlight guru HiFight recently put out their latest 'Just Frame' analysis video breaking down CYG|Daigo Umehara and CYG|Fuudo's recent bout during day three this past weekend.

Fuudo is known for playing R. Mika for the first three seasons of Street Fighter 5's competitive run, but so far he's been testing the waters with Birdie, a character that many Japanese players believe is at the top of the tier list, and even made quick work of Daigo's Guile.

HiFight's play-by-play breakdown largely focuses on Birdie's V-Trigger 2 set ups with the chain, which was largely ignored in Season 3, plus the individual character / move changes made to the game that both player take advantage of.

Birdie's Bull Head, for example, can more easily punish Sonic Booms since their recovery has been nerfed, but Daigo uses the extended frames of Guile's heavy kick to anti-air Fuudo's approach. The hungry fighter can also get strong combo potential from using his Birdie Time trigger by using his chains to juggle the opponent potentially multiple times in one go or even cover up some of his more negative on block attacks.

Fuudo would end up taking the set 2-0 over Daigo in four straight rounds which may be a sign of things to come for SF5 Season 4 — though much of this also appears to come from match up inexperience on Umehara's end. You can find HiFight's full play-by-play breakdown after the jump.

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