Devil May Cry 5's Nero needs to be a playable character in the next Marvel vs. Capcom game

Pull my Devil Trigger right into Marvel, baby

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 12, 2019 at 7:58 p.m. PST

Devil May Cry 5 is coming back after a decade-long hiatus of the mainline series in just under a month on March 8, but its newest demo is now available for PlayStation and Xbox users to get a taste of the newly tuned action.

The series has long had a connection to the fighting game community due to its crazy in-depth combo system that allows for each individual player to express themselves differently, so it was only natural when a number of its leading heroes would make the jump to an actual fighter.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 featured Dante, Vergil and Trish as playable characters with the twin brothers seeing high competitive play throughout the game's life — which Dante followed up with again in Infinite — but there is one character that has been notably absent from the fighting game realm... and that's Nero.

Nero first appeared as the co-main protagonist alongside Uncle Dante in Devil May Cry 4 back in 2008 as a smart-mouthed fighter with a demon arm, but he's been snubbed essentially three times now for a spot in a Capcom fighting game roster.

After personally playing through Devil May Cry 5's demo seven times, it re-affirmed my beliefs that Nero needs to be on the next Marvel vs. Capcom or whatever new Vs. title's roster — and he'd likely make a good replacement for Spencer.

His all new cybernetic Devil Breaker arms open many more potential gameplay doors for a fighting game move set for singular powerful strikes, rocket punches, laser cannons and extra mobility options.

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From a swordplay perspective, Nero uses a lot of the same "special attacks" as Dante with his own takes on the Stinger, High Time and Helm Splitter, but it's what he can use them in conjunction with that really makes him stand out.

Most players probably don't realize he can do this for quite some time, but the probable son of Vergil can use what's called the Exceed System where his sword, the Red Queen, can be revved up like a motorcycle to make his attacks stronger and give them more properties.

While charged up, Nero's sword gets encased in fire which will speed up and add extra animations to his special moves. The once newbie's Helm Splitter becomes a downward stab with an explosive shockwave once it hits the ground, for example.

You can stand there and charge up your sword while avoiding enemies, or you can do the more stylish way of charging mid-combo as Nero's gauge will fill as you hit the charge button when the sword hits the opponent. In DMC, the timing is near frame-perfect for a max charge which could be a great mechanic for fighting game players to work on their timing for bigger damage — though it would likely become busted in the hands of the best players.

In all likelihood, however, Nero's Exceed enhanced moves would become his heavy or EX variants of his regular specials for extra flare, so his true fighting game uniqueness would mostly come from his new Devil Breaker arms.

To make up for his lost demon-powered arm in DMC5, Nero's friend / associate, Nico, whips him up a bunch of machine arms that allow him to do everything he used to and so much more. There are currently 12 Devil Breaker arms announced for him — including the Mega Buster and Pasta Breaker — but today we'll be going over the main three from the demo.


This arm turned out to be my favorite of the ones I've tried so far though not exactly for its primary ability. Gerbera's main attack sends a shock wave out his hand that can reflect projectiles and blast away enemies which could be insanely useful in a Vs. game especially if it were to cause a wall bounce for more combo opportunity.

The main reason I used it the most, however, was for the added mobility it gives Nero. If you hit the analog stick in any direction instead of neutral, our main boy will point the Gerbera towards the ground and use the shockwave to propel him through the air for a weaponized air dash.

An ability like this would likely need to be toned down in a fighting game — considering Nero can hop around infinitely while encasing himself in a hitbox — but it could make for interesting movement choices for the character especially if it's omni-directional.

Gerbera's charged up attack shoots an aim-able beam cannon out of his arm as it breaks causing massive amounts of damage and clears out rooms which would likely be reserved for one of his Supers.

Punch Line

First off, this boy gives Nero a rocket punch that flies around and harasses an enemy for multiple seconds which could be great for lock down and combo extension, but on top of that he can ride the damn thing.

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Calling it back to himself, Nero can surf on top of his own rocket arm and ride it around while doing tricks and hitting other demons until he jumps off or it explodes which would be hard to make work in a traditional move set although it could make for a cool Super.

Charging it up leads to a rocket-powered haymaker that can even send bosses flying which could be sped up perhaps to be a fun launcher or guard breaker for the fighter in a Vs. game.


Finally, we have what is probably the simplest Devil Breaker of the bunch. Overture exudes a blast of electricity from Nero's hand for a powerful shock which would certainly be a good combo ender.

It also changes depending on when you use its ability in relation to the opponent. If they are above you, Nero will blast it upwards to juggle them more and he'll aim down to OTG them if they are laying down.

Once charged, Overture turns into a time bomb that can be stuck directly into whoever you're fighting. It'll also explode if Nero hits or shoots it that I feel would work out like something akin to M. Bison's V-Trigger 2 bomb in Street Fighter 5.

There's a bunch more we could get into considering Nero has nine other arms and Dante has a whole bunch of shenanigans he could bring to the table in a new fighting game, but I'd just like to end off on Nero's tether grab.

Nero could pull enemies to himself or him to heavier enemies in 4 with his demon arm, but he still retains that ability in 5 with a mechanical tether which could easily replace Spencer's Bionic Arm — considering most would agree he doesn't really need to be in a third Vs. title at the moment.

All of these moves could be consolidated into one set or they could let you switch things around like with Dante's style switching in Devil May Cry and Marvel vs. Capcom. Nero has to blow up and cycle through his hands one-by-one that may be interesting to experiment with too.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend hitting the lab and trying out the Devil May Cry 5 demo for yourself plus you can check out Nero's various Devil Breakers at work in the breakdown video from Capcom below.

Video Source: BlackBelt Gaming

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