Videl's match breaking glitch is actually super easy to pull off and needs fixing ASAP in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 9, 2019 at 6:50 a.m. PST

We previously reported on a Dragon Ball FighterZ glitch involving Videl that could bring the entire match to a halt, and it turns out the bug is actually worse than we first believed.

Fighting game tech explorer Rooflemonger recently put out a new video detailing how easy it is to pull off Videl and Base Goku's freezing glitch that can only be fixed by exiting the match entirely.

All a player needs to do — besides obviously have Videl and Base Form Goku on their team — is hit Videl's launching level one Super in the corner and cancel the hit into her medium Frankensteiner grab. From there, one needs to Ultimate Z Change into Goku's Kaioken Super at which point the game will become unplayable.

Since Goku has multiple routes / follow-ups for his Kaioken, players need to use his down medium to start into sweep and then immediately go into his finisher. Videl will still be on screen at this time attempting to do her throw that appears to connect at the same time as Goku's hit causing the game to become unsure of what exactly to do.

Once the bug occurs, Goku will still be able to perform attacks, but his opponent will be frozen and juttering between both sides of the screen plus they can no longer be hit. It's hard to see the full effects of the glitch in an image, as the frozen character can change their position frame by frame in rapid succession.

This would be essentially a non-issue if the glitch were impractical to use and easy to fix like Jiren's freeze glitch, but this has the potential to ruin matches especially online. Here's hoping Bandai Namco and Arc System Works can release a fix quickly, but until then, you can see what it does and how it happens in the video after the jump.

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