Tyrant makes Kolin look like a Marvel character in Street Fighter 5 with these slick juggle resets

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 9, 2019 at 11:59 a.m. PST

UYU|Tyrant is likely more well known right now in the fighting game community for his commentary, scene building and tech channel with Packz called Frame Advantage, but he's still one hell of a player too.

Street Fighter 5 doesn't have the flashiest juggle combos around, but Tyrant showed off in a recent stream that the reset situation you get off the launch is perhaps more important than the damage from the initial combo.

Using Kolin while her V-Trigger 2 was active, the Grand Master-ranked player hit the opposing Abigail with the signature ice-enhanced standing heavy punch Crush Counter going into a combo with EX Parabellum to send the hulking boy flying. Instead of following it up with another Parabellum or other standard finisher, Tyrant hits him with a jumping punch to put Abigail in the real blender.

After landing that air punch, Kolin is able to sneakily slide under the still airborne monster truck using her ice-enhanced dash and catch him on the other side with a crouching light kick comboing into crouching heavy punch to send him to the sky once more.

Tyrant busted out the EX Hailstorm to keep the damage rolling and hold Abigail in the air long enough to hit another jumping punch taking the big boy down to his last sliver of health before Kolin crossed under him again and knocked out that final bit with the low medium punch.

Abigail had over half of his health when the sequence began, and he was laying KO'd on the ground only eight ticks of the in-game timer later. Capcom's Vs. series games are usually the company's fighting games known for its wild resets and cross-under mix-ups, but you can still find some of that soul within characters like Kolin and Laura if you know what to do.

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