Videl appears to have a glitch in Dragon Ball FighterZ that can freeze the opponent and make them invincible when paired with Base Goku

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 7, 2019 at 8:24 a.m. PST

Jiren and Videl have officially been out for a week now in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and they appear to brought with them a number of new glitches — which isn't exactly uncommon for a team-based, versus-style fighting game like this.

A new discovery appears to have found that it is possible to break a match in the fighting game when using Videl and Base Form Goku on the same team that can lock the opponent from moving or attacking for the rest of the round.

Twitter user Kent Junior recently posted a video online showing the reported glitch which can be accomplished by hitting the opponent with her launching level one Super after landing an air Dragon Rush which is then followed up by an Ultimate Z Change into Base Goku's Kaioken Super.

Doing this 'correctly' will result in the opposing character being frozen in the hit animation with no reported way to escape. Attacks don't hit the stuck fighter, not even the giant hitbox of Goku's Spirit Bomb.

Moreover, the game loses its ability to accurately track Android 21 in this case causing Goku to face the wrong way or get stuck in the air trying to Super Dash while the FighterZ villain teleports around the screen or disappears entirely.

We don't have confirmation right now that this works with other characters, but this bug is likely being monitored closely by Bandai Namco along with a similar bug for Jiren for fixes that could come in a future patch.

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