It's funny when it happens to someone else... Street Fighter 5 streamer uploads compilation video of players trolling him online

A Dhalsim that does nothing but teleport, a F.A.N.G that does nothing but fly, a G that just does normal G things...

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 9, 2019 at 5:48 p.m. PST

We're not all that sure as to how strong of a technique F.A.N.G's new fly move will be in competitive play, but we're pretty certain that it has officially become the funniest move to troll people with in Street Fighter 5.

DeadAceBS seems to be a troll magnet when he jumps online, and has decided to use his salt to his advantage as he's compiled a handful of comical instances wherein rounds become more about sending a message than winning.

Sure, tea bagging during a stun or taunting from full screen away are both part of the equation here, but that's level one stuff. True trolls sacrifice League Points to ruin other peoples' days (and make the rest of us laugh).

Take, for instance, Calliiisto- and his F.A.N.G, who do nothing but run away for two full, hilarious matches. Then there's also Poodie6, who uses their Dhalsim's teleport constantly.

DeadAce performs his fair share of disrespectful tactics during the video as well, giving us a look at both sides of the coin in a sense.

Get started by watching just a quick clip of the aforementioned F.A.N.G player winning where it counts: on the emotional front:

Click images for animated versions

It's best if you mute the audio of DeadAce's video, and watch it while the audio from David Everling (embed below for your convenience) plays over it. The flight of F.A.N.G starts at the four minute mark, by the way.

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