Get your Oras and Mudas ready: Gameplay trailer for Jotaro Kujo and Dio in Jump Force released; full launch roster revealed


Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 6, 2019 at 6 a.m. PST

Jump Force officially releases in just over a week, and now we can see the final two characters coming to the game's launch roster in motion ahead of its upcoming launch.

Bandai Namco released the official gameplay trailer for Jotaro Kujo and Dio as they appear in Jump Force using their iconic Stand powers and poses from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Jotaro can be seen using his signature rapid fire punches with Star Platinum along with Star Finger while Dio busts out his throwing knives and can drop his favorite 'road roller' on the opponent.

Both Stands, The World and Star Platinum, are also able to use their special abilities to (JoJo Part 3 spoilers) stop time during the fighters' Supers and as part of some of their attacks as well with the sound and visual effects included.

The pair of highly requested JoJo fighters also appear to mark the final announcements for the base roster of Jump Force, as Bandai Namco replied to a fan's question on Twitter about more character reveals where they said it is "complete."

Jump Force is all set to release on February 15 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can take a look at Bandai Namco's Tweet about the roster below plus Jotaro and Dio's gameplay trailer after the jump where we've also listed the full 42-character roster from 15 iconic Shonen Jump franchises that will be battling against the Stand power.

Bandai Namco confirms Jump Force's roster image #1
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Jump Force's Launch Roster

Black Clover
• Asta

• Ichigo Kurosaki
• Rukia Kuchiki
• Sosuke Aizen
• Renji Abarai

City Hunter
• Ryo Saeba

Dragon Ball Z
• Goku
• Vegeta
• Frieza
• Cell
• Piccolo
• Trunks

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai
• Dai

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
• Jotaro Kujo
• Dio

Fist of the North Star
• Kenshiro

Rurouni Kenshin
• Kenshin Himura
• Makoto Shishio

Hunter X Hunter
• Gon Freecss
• Hisoka
• Killua Zoldyck
• Kurapika

My Hero Academia
• Izuku Midoriya

• Naruto Uzumaki
• Sasuke Uchiha
• Boruto Uzumaki
• Gaara
• Kakashi Hatake
• Kaguya Otsutsuki

One Piece
• Monkey D. Luffy
• Sanji
• Roronoa Zoro
• Sabo
• Black Beard
• Boa Hancock

Saint Seiya
• Pegasus Seiya
• Dragon Shiryu

• Yugi Mutou

Yu Yu Hakusho
• Yusuke Urameshi
• Toguro

• Kane
• Galena

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