Update: Piranha Plant data-corruption bug in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may be due to counterfeit Samsung SD cards

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 5, 2019 at 5:09 p.m. PST

Update: Reddit users have discovered a new lead on the potential root of this issue, saying that the problem may stem from counterfeit Samsung SD cards.

We've added a video from GameXplain after the jump that further articulates this latest development.

Earlier: Piranha Plant has been in the hands of players for almost a week now, but some were reporting issues connected to the character almost immediately as rumors and posts began to spread that a bug was eating people's saves.

Nintendo of America has released an official statement regarding the potential Super Smash Bros. Ultimate issues via Newsweek announcing that they are looking into the reports though they haven't confirmed anything yet.

"We are aware that some users are posting about possible issues with the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update," said the publisher's American branch via Newsweek. "After extensive testing, Nintendo has not been able to confirm that there is an issue, although we will continue to investigate and monitor the situation."

Users began posting about a potential game-corrupting bug in Smash Ultimate shortly after Piranha Plant was released that warned other players not to use the Mario enemy in the game's All-Star Smash mode or else they may need to re-install their game.

Others stated that it could corrupt save data as well which would mean players would lose dozens or hundreds of hours worth of progress if their saves weren't backed up on the cloud while some even said the bug could occur during Classic Mode.

Nintendo's statement on the subject now casts some doubt as to the validity of the original postings even though some people released images of their character select screens having been reset to just the starting eight fighters plus Piranha Plant.

Physical copies of Smash Ultimate were potentially unaffected by the bug since most if not all of the stories pertained to alleged digital versions of the title.

Piranha Plant released alongside the Version 2.0.0 update last week as a free bonus character for players who purchased the game before January 31 though he is now available for sale in the Switch's digital store for $4.99.

Thank you to SmokeRulz for the update tip.

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