BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle patch notes released by Arc System Works

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 5, 2019 at 11:29 a.m. PST

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle was the second big Arc System Works-developed fighting game to release in 2018 alongside Dragon Ball FighterZ, and both titles have featured strong support from the iconic developers for new characters and regular balance updates that are continuing through this year.

Arc System Works released patch notes for the newest update in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle including universal mechanics changes and individual character adjustments — though no release date has been announced for the update as of yet.

The characters listed as receiving buffs, nerfs or other adjustments are Ragna, Jin, Noel, Rachel, Tager, Hakumen, Nu, Hazama, Makoto, Platinum, Izayoi, Azrael, Nine, Es, Mai, Jubei, Yu, Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji, Naoto, Mitsuru, Akihiko, Aigis, Labrys, Hyde, Linne, Waldstein, Carmine, Orie, Gordeau, Merkava, Vatista, Yuzuriha, Mika, Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang.

Ruby Rose and Gordeau have been seen as possibly the most problematic characters in the game as far as balance since launch, and they're both facing the nerf hammer here with increased start up frames, decreased frame advantage and lower damage on a number of their attacks.

As far as universal changes go, Persona's appear to be buffed across the board since they are now invulnerable to Cross Burst and push-back from Reject Guard. Reversal Actions, on the other hand, appear to have been nerfed, as they will no longer be invincible if a partner is coming in for an assist.

You'll find the full universal changes listed after the jump plus some notable character changes below. You can check out the full list of patch notes on ArcSys' website or the downloadable PDF the company has provided.

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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Patch Notes 2/5

Universal Changes

Cross Combo
・When Cross Gauge is above 50% the auto depletion rate of Cross Gauge is now increased.
・The timing to which the partner character’s invincibility time and hurt box become active has been changed.

Reversal Action
・The properties will change if used while a partner character is entering for assist.
*Removes invulnerability frames, and no longer flashes red.
・You can no longer activate Cross Burst while taking damage during Reversal Action, regardless of counter hit or normal hit.

・Guarding for a certain period of time will grant bonus proration to Skill Gauge increase rate.

Reject Guard
・Increased guard recovery.
・You can now grab an opponent with normal grabs during their guard recovery while their Reject Guard is in cooldown.

Hit Stop
・Changed the behavior when hitting multiple characters or objects.

Hurt Boxes
・Some hurt boxes have been enlarged, making it easier for attacks to connect.

Distortion Skill
・Adjusted attack power and and minimum damage guarantee based on skill category.

Distortion Skill Duo
・Increased damage for skills that do not hit partner characters.

Resonance Blaze
・For certain attacks that dealt more damage on guard than on hit now deals less chip damage during Resonance Blaze.

・Personas are now invulnerable against Cross Burst.
・Personas no longer receive push-back from Reject Guard (with exceptions).

Astral Heat
・Now deals 0 chip damage.

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