MKLeo lands a devastating shield break, Light's Fox recovers from everything, and more: Genesis 6 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate top 8 highlights

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 4, 2019 at 12:16 p.m. PST

One of the biggest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments to take place since the game's launch ran its course over the weekend. Genesis 6 made its mark with over 2,000 entrants competing in Oakland, California, and over 1,100 for Super Smash Bros. Melee.

A laundry list of top-level players was in attendance, including TSM|Tweek, FOX|MKLeo, Liquid|Hungrybox, TSM|Leffen, NRG|Nairo, PG|Plup, C9|Mango, and many more.

Today we're sharing our highlights of the finals for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event. Included in these moments you'll find players such as PG|Esam, eU|Samsora, MKLeo, GW|Zackray, CLG|VoiD, Light, and GRV|Dabuz.

To start things off, here we have a fantastic play from MKLeo when he went up against Void in grand finals. After parrying an air lightning jolt from Pichu, MKLeo's Lucina landed a powerful blow that shattered Void's shield.

With the small mouse Pokemon completely stunned, MKLeo was able to wind up a fully charged forward smash for the KO and the game.

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When Esam's Pikachu took on Light's Fox, both sat with one stock left and over 100% damage accumulated. Esam knocked Light off of the stage with a powerful forward smash, and though he had the advantage, Light would land a critical up air upon recovery to take the game.

Watch as Samsora starts MKLeo's last stock of this match off with a devastating 66% combo from Peach.

VoiD intercepts Zackray's recovery with two down tilts and a powerful spike with Pichu for the KO.

Here we have two incredible off-stage exchanges between MKLeo and Light. Just when you thought Light was done for, the Fox player completely turns it around each time.

The first sees MKLeo counter Fox's up B off-stage, but Light is able to recover, grab the ledge, then drop down to counter attack and KO. In the second clip, MKLeo does a great job of stopping Light from recovering, but somehow the Fox is able to survive and get a KO of his own.

MKLeo did pull off an impressive KO (from 0% to 20%) on Dabuz's Olimar using Ike's up B near the ledge, though.

Samsora's Peach makes another one of our highlights for this highly oppressive sequence.

Void's edge guarding abilities with Pichu are no joke. Watch as he keeps MKLeo off-stage with slanted air electric jolts, then quickly gets another stock with a devastating combo.

And lastly, here is the tournament-winning play.

Source — VGBootCamp.

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