Jiren is so powerful in Dragon Ball FighterZ he can freeze his opponent in the air thanks to a glitch

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 2, 2019 at 11:33 a.m. PST

Jiren and Videl have been in the hands of Dragon Ball FighterZ players for a few days now along with the Season 2 balance patch, and we've already seen a bunch of cool discoveries for the new fighters.

Dragon Ball player Vaan Void recently found out something else you can do with the strongest warrior from Universe 11... freeze the opponent in place leaving them helpless until they're hit again.

Fighting Game content creator Rooflemonger put out a video breaking down the newly discovered bug that luckily doesn't break the match and what makes it tick.

To pull off this freeze, you must use Jiren's down-heavy attack in the air that causes him to do a flip, and it must trade with the opposition's aerial. This actually proves to be quite difficult, however, since the attacks colliding normally results in a clash instead. The alien's kick appears as though it needs to hit lower than the other attack to cause the freeze.

Currently this glitch is only confirmed to work against Cell though it could also affect the rest of the cast as well. Rooflemonger also discovers during the making of his video that Jiren can actually walk off of the screen while Cell is stuck in the air though he can easily walk back on.

Rooflemonger notes that the glitch is difficult to replicate even in a controlled environment, so we likely don't need to worry about it ruining any matches anytime soon. You can check out Vaan Void's original discovery below and the full breakdown of the bug after the jump.

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