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Extra Battle crossover costumes have disappeared in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, is Capcom done adding new outfits to the mode?

Where for art thou?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 28, 2019 at 11:27 a.m. PST • Comments: 33

For nearly two straight years, Capcom had consistently updated their Extra Battle missions to include new crossover costumes from other franchises for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, but players who have been on in the past two weeks may have noticed something different.

There was no new costume following Blanka's Nergigante outfit from Monster Hunter. There's also been no word from Capcom if / when there will be another earnable look available in the mode, so what does that mean for us going forward in Champion Edition and Season 5?

Well... it's hard to know right now since Capcom has been mum on the subject entirely though I do have some scenarios in mind that are likely to play out over the coming months.

First off, this might be the end of the four-part mission structure that we've come to know since the launch of AE. They do still appear in Extra Battle, but it appears as though Capcom is now cycling back to the beginning with the Rashid Viewtiful Joe outfit back in rotation.

Street Fighter Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono may have been preparing us for this fate when he mentioned last month that Capcom was looking to lock down new SF5 content for most of 2020.

"We're getting some big updates out the way for the end of the year, and then we're going to say this is Street Fighter 5 as it exists now and then let it run in its current form until the tournament is over."

"We're getting some big updates out the way for the end of the year," said Ono during his interview. "Then we're going to say this is Street Fighter 5 as it exists now and then let it run in its current form until the [Intel World Open] tournament is over."

Many initially took that statement as Capcom wouldn't be doing any balance changes or adding any characters during the first half of 2020 to accommodate the large undertaking of running the Intel World Open side-by-side with the Capcom Pro Tour.

Maybe, however, this means that we won't really be seeing anything new aside from Seth and the online tournament mode for quite some time, but it might not really be all doom and gloom for fans of costume collecting.

They may still return in 2020

The other idea I've had in my head since Champion Edition was revealed was that Capcom may temporarily halt new content to avoid giving away too much with the expansion and pre-order upgrade for current owners.

Anyone who pre-purchases Champion Edition receives essentially all content that has been added to SF5 up to this point: all characters, all stages and all costumes aside from those in the CPT yearly bundles or part of Fighting Chance.

This surprisingly included the Nergigante outfit which hadn't even started its first mission at the time, so Capcom would seemingly need to give out any other costume released between now and February 14, 2020 for free to CE owners.

Perhaps then, the team has decided to pause releases of costumes and cosmetics until after Champion Edition's full release to keep their incentive of players coming back to spend Fight Money on a weekly basis.

This is the only Extra Battle costume mission currently available in Street Fighter 5

Fight Money is essentially useless in SF5 right now for players who have picked up CE, so it remains to be seen if Capcom has any intention of rectifying that situation and give us more stuff to spend the in-game currency on.

On the other hand, this abrupt stop might also signal the final nail in the coffin of Fight Money considering Capcom already halved the earnings players could win in missions and straight up removed other ways to collect it like beating the general story mode.

Capcom has been bouncing all around on the idea of being able to purchase new characters and stages without spending an extra penny of real money especially after they failed to implement their original plan for the premium Zenny currency.

You can fight a silver Shadaloo soldier this weekend to earn some extra FM, but remember, Capcom also lowered the amount of times you could replay those missions from three down to only one — another move that drastically reduced FM collection.

Personally, I've felt that the crossover costumes have been some of the better additions to Street Fighter 5 since it gives us Capcom fans a chance to show off our favorite characters outside of things like Marvel vs. Capcom and kept me playing the game. I still use Captain Commando Nash as my main though Cody's recent Vergil outfit made me put in more time with the mayor of Metro City as well.

It'd be sad if this feature is essentially cut / ceased without one last blow out or official announcement, but I guess we'll probably be waiting until February or potentially even July to learn the fate of future content coming to Street Fighter 5.

Here's to hoping it comes back in some form. There's still a lot of Capcom characters that need more love — looking at you Akira from Rival Schools.

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