Samurai Shodown is the EventHubs community's best fighting game of 2019

My vote is the same every year... ClayFighter

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 31, 2019 at 5:54 a.m. PST | Comments: 80

Update: The results are in for what you all thought the best new fighting game of 2019 was, and Samurai Shodown topped the rankings taking in nearly 50 percent of the overall vote. You can check out the full results below.

Earlier:There's less than one week left in the entire decade, and though we've previously covered the best and most important fighting games of the past 10 years, it's time we take a closer look at the ones which came out in 2019.

This year may not have seen a new Street Fighter or Tekken game hit the market, but we did get a sales juggernaut in Mortal Kombat 11, the return of a beloved SNK franchise with Samurai Shodown, a nostalgia trip of a 3v3 fighter in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid and so much more.

Mortal Kombat 11 was certainly the biggest release for the fighting game genre all year having topped the United States sales charts for multiple months in a row while maintaining a spot as the best-selling game of the year until other massive titles like Madden NFL 20 launched towards the end of summer.

NetherRealm Studios' latest effort has also seen continued support for MK11 with DLC, weekly missions, krypt events and seasonal content to keep players coming back. We even got to see Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa reprise his roles from the old Mortal Kombat movies to become Shang Tsung once again... and then we have The Terminator.

Samurai Shodown was no slouch either considering it actually beat MK11's EVO 2019 entrants with 1,700 players having signed up to compete and break records for an SNK title.

The developers also earned some extra brownie points with the FGC by giving away their first season pass for free for a limited time, speeding up their release schedule and even putting out Shizumaru as a bonus character this year.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid was made under the care of some big fans of the Marvel vs. Capcom series and it shows in its 3v3 gameplay and references to older moves and titles.

Though it launched in a bit of a bare-bones state, it quickly evolved with new characters, overhauled system mechanics, voice acting and was even one of the first fighting games to add cross-platform play for online.

Team Ninja also released Dead or Alive 6 this year with the free to play version of Core Fighters having been downloaded over 2 million times now while the game has received three big season passes plus crossover characters in Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamond.

Our criteria for the list below counts only towards new games released in the United States / Europe over the 2019 calendar year, so even though Super Smash Bros. Ultimate won the best fighting game award at The Game Awards this month, it is not eligible for our year-end ranking.

You can vote for your favorite fighting game of 2019 below.

What is the best fighting game to release in 2019?

1. Samurai Shodown: 212 votes / 47.4%
2. Mortal Kombat 11: 120 votes / 26.8%
3. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid: 40 votes / 8.9%
4. Dead or Alive 6: 31 votes / 6.9%
5. Fantasy Strike: 22 votes / 4.9%
6. Million Arthur: Arcana Blood: 8 votes / 1.8%
7. Jump Force: 6 votes / 1.3%
8. Shovel Knight: Showdown: 5 votes / 1.1%
9. Kill la Kill the Game: IF: 3 votes / 0.7%

Total votes: 447

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