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Here are the unlisted Season 5 patch notes for Street Fighter 5

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • December 24, 2019 at 7:39 p.m. PST • Comments: 19

We already know about most of the Season 5 adjustments made for Street Fighter 5. It appears that, for one reason or another, not all of the changes were listed in the patch notes.

Thanks to the efforts of OminousGames, we now have a clearer picture of Season 5. Everything that went unlisted has now been documented.

In total, there are 25 different characters that have had unlisted changes that were not originally documented by Capcom. Characters like Ryu, however, appear to be fully up to date.

Most notably, it seems that Zeku strangely has the highest number of undocumented alterations. This mostly has to do with hurtboxes that linger for longer periods of time after whiffing attacks.

Overall, it looks like Capcom is pushing for a more footsies heavy season in Street Fighter 5. There are plenty of attacks that have had added risk applied to them in the form of extended hurtboxes.

Feel free to check out the document that lists everything that's been found. OminousGames has gone into greater detail about some of the more vague patch adjustments.


• j.MK given extra large cross up hit box that only hits his V-Skill 2 tire.


• New block stun reintroduces ‘Yami Drop’ ability to perform backdrop from a blocked Heavy Chop.
• MK.Elbow 19f->18f start up
• V-Skill 1 30->50 V-Gauge (300 = 1 bar)


• Hurtbox no longer shrinks to ‘normal character size’ during pre-jump frames.
• Regular/VT1 L/M/H.Bullhead no longer causes counterhit pushback OS. Regular EX.Bullhead appears to still causes counterhit pushback OS.


• st.HK VT2 Cancel buffer window increased by 7 frames before the active frame (will read your input before it connects now).
• st.HK unclear, but may cancel into VT1 & VT2 on whiff?
• All Dash Punches no changes to charge time requirements?


• b.MP->st.HK TC VT2 Activation and VT2 Specials (HP+HK) given same cancel window as EX.Hooligan (earlier in the launch).
• b.MP->st.HK->EX.Hooligan->Divekick Juggle Limit 0 -> 1 (can now continue a juggle combo).
• L.Spiral Arrow ‘2nd hit’ (her foot hurtbox) Juggle Limit 0 -> 1 (can now continue a juggle combo).
• V-Skill 1 no longer ‘reels back’ on frame 1, now reels back on frame 4 (less evasive).
• V-Trigger 2 Overhead 2nd hit is now an overhead again.
• V-Trigger 2 Overhead 1st hit block stun reduced by 2f (more can interrupt before 2nd hit?)


• st.HP extended foot Hurtbox lingers longer on recovery (lingers 7f -> 15f, Massively weaker to low whiff punishes)


• EX.ASE Juggle Start 0->1 (no longer a free juggle state on hit)


• V-Reversal recovery increased by 10f, hit stun reduced by 2f (looks like -12 adv?)
• V-Trigger 1 cr.HP extended Hurtbox lingers 1 frame less long (slightly stronger against whiff punishes of all levels)


• V-Trigger 2 Activation 1st Hitbox changed air knockback (looks like it carries farther? Unclear, same as other multihit fireball changes)
• V-Trigger 2 Activation 1st Hitbox increased hitstun adv on grounded hit (possibly for more combo hitstun? same as other multihit fireballs)


• st.HP (held) 1st active frame given more Hitfreeze (HitFreeze introduced as a visual tell when he is able to get a grounded conversion)
• PP Throw Hurtbox corrected to be standing when Ed ‘stands up’ (vulnerable to standing only throws in this start up)
• V-Trigger 1 blockstun increased by 1f (+1 more adv on block)


• PP/PPP 1st hit active frames 2->3 (now has Hitbox during entire active part, instead of a pause between hit 1 and 2) — This extra active frame is applied to PP, cancel PP, and PPP, but not cancel PPP.


• EX.Sotoja (dash punch) reduced recovery by 1f (+1 more adv on hit/cancel and block).


• cr.HP Hitbox reduced by 1 square behind him (weaker to AAing cross ups).
• EX/lv3/V-Trigger 1 fireball can now cancel into taunt during projectile Hitbox (same cancel window of V-Skill 2)


• EX.Air Kunai reduced adv on block by 2f (-2 less adv on block).
• EX.Air Kunai no longer causes more Hitfreeze on block than it does on hit?


• EX.Air FB initial range reduced by 0.4 squares.
• V-Trigger 2 HP+HK startup reduced by 3f


• j.HP strike-only Hurtbox under Karin reduced vertically by 1 square during active frame (slightly stronger against light AAs).
• j.HK strike-only Hurtbox under Karin reduced vertically by 1 square during active frames (slightly stronger against light AAs)


• st.HP can no longer counter hit pushback OS.
• EX.DP no longer cancels into V-Trigger 2 during the ‘2nd Shoryuken’


• L.Parry on hit recovery reduced by 1f (+1 more adv).
• EX (L+M) Parry on hit recovery increased by 4f (-4 adv, now same as regular low parry).


• st.HP can no longer Counter hit pushback OS.
• j.HP strike-only Hurtbox below her reduced 2 squares vertically (significantly harder to AA with lights).
• j.HK strike-only Hurtbox below her reduced 2.5 squares (significantly harder to AA with lights).
• Regular/V-Trigger 1 L.Elbow initial speed increased (better for juggling).
• Regular/V-Trigger 1 L.Elbow speed altered, 2nd active frame & 3rd active frame have same range (getting meaty 3rd frame hit in neutral looks near impossible now).


• V-Trigger 1 Fireball->LK/MK/HK V-Duration consumption 700->400 (V-Trigger 1 is 3000 V-Duration).


• V-Skill 1 is forcibly +5 on hit (recovery changes based on active frame) — Note that recovery does not seem increased.
• V-Trigger 1 ground dash Hurtbox moves into place faster (attempted fix of Nash getting hit ‘cross up’ by grounded moves during his teleport).


• EX.Dash Punch 2nd to last Hitbox pushback on hit reduced by 1 square (falls out less often).


• EX.Down whip no longer cancels to V-Trigger 1/V-Trigger 2 activation or specials during 1st 3 Hitboxes (may cause an OS).
• EX.Down whip on Whiff Hitbox height reduced by 5 squares (Massively easier to jump in on if the first hit misses).
• EX.Down whip recovery on hit increased by 1f (- 1 frame less adv?)
• Critical Art Hitbox added to hit crouchers with much shorter range (11 squares in front of Poison).


• st.MP xx V-Trigger 1 startup 22f->19f.
• Regular/V-Trigger 1 V-Skill 1 Buffer window extended earlier by 10f (easier to cancel into backdash or V-Skill 1->Walk as early as possible)


• Old - Hurtbox is no longer thinner when turning around (weaker to meaties/ backturning follow ups like Alex V-Trigger 1 HP+HK move).
• Young - Hurtbox is no longer thinner when turning around (weaker to meaties/ backturning follow ups like Alex V-Trigger 1 HP+HK move).
• Young - st.LK Hozanto 2nd cancel window added (looks like a bug, doesn’t functionally change anything).
• Young - st.HP extended low Hurtbox lingers longer after active frames 2f->16f (Massively weaker to crouching kick height whiff punishes).
• Young - st.HP extended Hurtbox placed at standing punch height for 7f near the end of the moves recovery (combats how far Young Zeku reels back on whiff, significantly weaker to standing punch height whiff punishes).
• st.HP->st.HP Target Combo now has an extended Hurtbox after active frames 0f->14f, extends Hurtbox by 2.5 squares (Massively weaker to all whiff punish heights).
• cr.HP->cr.HP Target Combo blockstun reduced by 4f(-4 on block/cancel, -10-> -14 on block). • cr.HP->cr.HP TC pushback on block reduced by 1 square.
• H.Hozanto no longer receives Counter Hit on trade.
• Command Air grab (All Versions) on whiff now have recovery when landing.

Sent in by: Redwolfx.

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