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The Capcom Pro Tour 2020 schedule has been revealed and EVO isn't on it... yet

Nor is Final Round, any Regional Finals events, or West Coast Premiers

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • December 19, 2019 at 5 p.m. PST • Comments: 26

Capcom released it's Pro Tour 2020 schedule today and if you thought things were done differently in 2019, just wait till you see what's in store for next year. We already know that the CPT will be taking on a new format with two distinct halves in the season and 40 qualification spots thanks to the reveals over Capcom Cup weekend.

Those with keen eyes will have noticed that the Evolution Championship Series (EVO), the biggest yearly major in the fighting game community, was conspicuously absent from the graphic of tournament logos we saw. The schedule released today included four images depicting dates and locations for both Premier and Ranking events and furthered suspicions of an EVO-less Tour.

Said graphics, included below, reveal 14 Premier events and 18 Ranking events. With no mention of EVO, Super Premiers, Regional Finals, or even a Last Chance Qualifier, we reached out to Mike Larson, VP of Marketing, eSports at Capcom Media Ventures, for comment on why the company decided to go this route. We also noted that Final Round, traditionally the kick off event for the CPT, is not listed.

"At this time we’ve decided to move away from the concept of Super Premiers," started Larson. "We’re still working with the team at EVO on the best way to incorporate them into the 2020 eSports schedule. The regional point system and regional championships are being replaced with the new World Warrior Challenge events. We’ll have more information on those later.

"We’re still working with the team at EVO on the best way to incorporate them into the 2020 eSports schedule"

"The LCQ will return for next year. Given the crowded eSports schedule in 2020 - CPT, Street Fighter League, Intel World Open - and in an effort to streamline the CPT to support this schedule, we had to make some very difficult decisions about events. Unfortunately, we decided to not include Final Round on the tour for 2020. It was a tough decision but will look to reconsider events like Final Round in 2021 as part of an ongoing strategy.

"Dates and venues might shift slightly as various TOs [tournament organizers] lock down their events, but at this time we see the schedule as final."

Larson also included a graphic for additional clarity on the program structure, specifically highlighting the four ways competitors can earn their way into Cap Cup 2020. You'll see that as well as the aforementioned Premier/Ranking event schedules in the images here:

2020 CPT Sched image #1 2020 CPT Sched image #2
Click images for larger versions

It seems the jury is still out as far as an EVO spot on the Pro Tour goes, and we'll be keeping a close ear to the ground for any and all information with regards to that partnership. We're expecting an EVO game line up reveal in the next few months, and it could be at that time that we get a more definite answer.

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