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Poongko was the scariest Seth player of Street Fighter 4 but what does he have to say about the copycat's return in Street Fighter 5:Champion Edition?

Is Gill his new best friend?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 18, 2019 at 11:16 a.m. PST • Comments: 40

Lee "Poongko" Chung Gon is generally regarded as the best / scariest Seth player from the Street Fighter 4 days, and once the character was re-introduced for Champion Edition this past weekend at Capcom Cup 2019, the fighting game community was instantly curious what the competitor thought.

Poongko initially tweeted out shortly after the reveal "I saw the Seth trailer. I have no idea," though he would go on to elaborate on his feelings more in a reaction / breakdown video of Seth's trailer.

Those "I don't know" sentiments ring through his initial viewing of Seth's reveal trailer since they appear so different than the SF4 iteration seemingly missing things like the standard Shoryuken, SPD and air kicks — though he does point out that he'd prefer a costume with pants.

Upon further inspection, however, Poongko does seem intrigued by some of Seth's new moves and copy ability while maintaining that he's still unsure of how the copycat will fit for him.

"SF5 Seth and SF4 Seth are completely different. The new Seth is very interesting. I don't know if this will be my new main character, but I will do my best"

"SF5 Seth and SF4 Seth are completely different," said Poongko in a follow up tweet. "The new Seth is very interesting. I don't know if this will be my new main character, but I will do my best."

The one-time Capcom Cup finalist has apparently been having a good time with Gill though over the past few days streaming a bunch of online games — that happens with many of the DLC characters that have come to SF5 in the past, however.

Poongko has found trouble securing solid footing after the transition to Street Fighter 5 moving between characters like Cammy, Kolin and Abigail. In the 2019 Capcom Pro Tour season, the South Korean competitor only earned points at two events finishing 25th at the Asia Super Premier and 49th at EVO 2019.

While they may be scared of his potential, I'm sure most of the Street Fighter community would fully embrace Poongko's return as the "best Seth" if he decides to walk that path. You can check out his reaction video to Seth's reveal below along with stream footage of Poongko's Gill vs. Xyzzy's Birdie.

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