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How effective will the newly shown V-Skills for Street Fighter 5 be? Plus pre-Capcom Cup speculation and post TWT Finals analysis with MajinTenshinhan

EventHubs Podcast episode 81

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • December 11, 2019 at 8:01 p.m. PST • Comments: 29

The Street Fighter 5 community is on the home stretch before Capcom Cup as the big dance is this weekend. We're looking very much forward to the action as well as the reveals, and are getting ready with a pre-CapCup discussion with MajinTenshinhan on this week's podcast.

First thing's first, though, Catalyst and I go through 10 of the recently shown off new V-Skills that are en route to SF5 and try to determine just how useful they'll be. We had a showcase on Tuesday as Matt Edwards and Kim1234 gave us closer looks than ever before.

We break down each skill and try to determine how strong they will be, if they will be worth sacrificing V-Skill 1 over, and how they will or won't work with the rest of their respective character's tool kits.

Majin and I speculate on what we'll see at Capcom Cup both in the realm of competition and major reveals. It's been particularly hard to sniff out who will go the distance in previous years, and while there are certainly favorites like REC|Punk and RB|Bonchan, history has told us not to go with front runners at previous Capcom Cups.

We also recap what all went down at the Tekken World Tour Finals as we got some curveballs in both competitive standings as well as new character trailers.

Finally, we're nearing the end of our EventHubs Podcast contest that could land you a shiny new $300 Amazon or Steam gift card right in the middle of this holiday season. You'll find more details on how to enter below.


00:00 - Last chance at our holiday $300 Amazon gift card giveaway
02:27 - V-Skill 2 showcase reactions/analysis
07:30 - Birdie's Gum
13:30 - Dhalsim's Angry Yoga
18:37 - Urien's Indignant Fireball
24:45 - Sakura's Roll
33:25 - Kage's Dive Punch
42:33 - Cody's Dodge
47:09 - Blanka's Shout
51:33 - Alex's Over-chain
54:42 - Poison's Cartwheel
59:53 - Ken's Flip Kick
1:06:40 - Enter MajinTenshinhan... Hype levels for Capcom Cup... 50%?
1:14:14 - The characters to watch out for
1:21:51 - The players to watch out for
1:33:14 - Majin: I REALLY hope we don't get Seth
1:36:11 - Tekken World Tour Finals recap

Editor's note: We've noticed the timestamps appear to change depending on the medium you're using to listen. The ones above may place you a few seconds before when each respective topic actually comes up.

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