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Are non-training stages in Street Fighter 5 causing lag online? MDZ jimmY's tests show this appears to be a myth

Tests show other stages besides The Grid aren't causing additional latency problems, but more testing is encouraged

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 22, 2020 at 10:04 a.m. PDT • Comments: 89

Story re-posted: This article originally appeared on EventHubs December 8th, 2019. We're showcasing it again due to the topical nature of this subject.

So called "laggy stages" are nothing new in the fighting game space — and even for the Street Fighter series — though one of the most heavily criticized titles in recent years has been Street Fighter 5.

Many players insist they can only play on The Grid, also known as the training stage, for online matches unless they want to be met with awful spikes in lag and rollback, but what happens when you put that under a bit of a microscope?

Fighting game streamer and content creator MDZ jimmY released a video after conducting some experiments on Street Fighter 5's stages to see if a base PlayStation 4 drops frames on stages like Field of Fate, which he calls Field of Lag, when compared to The Grid for online matches.

By using the program trdrop, Jimmy recorded multiple games using the live gameplay footage and the in-game replays to see if there was any difference between how the game handled them in real-time versus a static recreation.

The Ryu main's findings suggest that even the base PS4 is able to keep a constant 60 frames per second throughout his matches online. This helps point to the probability that the stages themselves are not causing lag via frame rate de-syncs through pure rendering though there's still more that determines what makes lag.

If it's not a frame drop-related de-sync that causes rollback, then lag could also come from the game sending data to the other console regarding the state of the stage which could eat up some bandwidth if there's a lot of moving parts to keep track of.

I'm no expert on networking connections, but syncing up the stage's game states to each other should not be necessary through the netcode because it does not affect active gameplay in Street Fighter 5 unlike some other titles like Injustice with interactible objects.

There's also the aspect of there being another player entirely that can be seeing different events unfold because of the rollback netcode which Jimmy admits. He says that his matches appeared lagless on his end though the Sakura on the other player didn't have that same smooth experience.

There is certainly some more testing that needs to be done to see if this truly applies to all stages in Street Fighter 5 though it may be time to take a second look some other playing options other than The Grid to keep things more visibly fresh.

You can check out MDZ jimmY's video below where he details the exact process and results of his testing.

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