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More evidence for Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 emerges with discovery of new Dramatic Finish animation for Jiren, Goku and Frieza

It also probably means we'll be getting a Tournament of Power stage

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 5, 2019 at 11:54 a.m. PST • Comments: 13

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been one of the most successful fighting games of this console generation, so even though we do not yet know if it will receive a third year of new content, more and more evidence is emerging suggesting that we will be seeing new things beyond Super Broly's release.

Data-miners like Lean MB56 and UltIMa647 have discovered new animations buried within the latest DBFZ update showcasing what appears to be an upcoming Dramatic Finish sequence for the game featuring Goku, Frieza and Jiren to recreate the ending of the Tournament of Power.

Much of these animations needed to be pieced together in processes that took hours to extract and compile, but we've been impressively left with a mostly complete recreation of what the final scene should look like.

Goku and Frieza block the buff alien's attack and rush him like the end of the Dragon Ball Super arc to end the tournament though Lean's modded video is still missing the voices and needed to be put on a placeholder stage.

Considering all of these characters are already in the game, it's interesting to see that this wasn't already available when Jiren first released. This new inclusion suggests that we may in fact be finally receiving a new stage in the form of the Tournament of Power arena that some fans had been hopeful to see since the game launched.

Other evidence has also been bubbling to the surface over the past few days where data-miners have also discovered reported references to "S3" in the game's code along with some new icons that currently aren't used for anything within FighterZ.

Even going back to Gogeta's launch appeared to include new potential spaces on the character select screen, so it seems to be a fairly safe bet that Bandai Namco and Arc System Works are not quite yet ready to move on from their big collaboration.

We'll likely be waiting a few more months to find out about the future of Dragon Ball FighterZ at the World Tour Finals next year — like we did for Season 2 — but you can go ahead and check out Lean's up-to-date efforts to show off the new Dramatic Finish below along with an early, in-progress look for the discovered animations by LixesPrototype and a video from Rooflemonger detailing those files and some other new Z Stamps.

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