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5 things you need to know before Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition launches

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • December 4, 2019 at 12:08 p.m. PST • Comments: 59

The Street Fighter 5 series is seeing a new jolt of electricity pumped into its body by way of a fresh update coming next year. Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is the next installment in Capcom's mainstay fighting game, and with it will come a ton of content for fans to enjoy.

Though the game is set for release on February 14, 2020, some of the additions that are being advertised for Champion Edition will become available later this month. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good time to run through five things you should know before Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and its content launches.

Costumes and content for days

Champion Edition is an update/upgrade that grants Street Fighter 5 users a wealth of content. Regardless of the purchase option you go for, you will receive the stages, colors, and most of the costumes that have been released so far.

Nearly every DLC stage, including stage variations like those with holiday themes, will be unlocked upon purchase, as well as all character colors, all DLC characters, and over 200 costumes.

Though you're getting nearly everything Street Fighter 5 has to offer from over the course of the last four seasons, there are a handful of exceptions.

Capcom Pro Tour DLC costumes and stages do not come included with Champion Edition, nor do outfits found in Fighting Chance (Street Fighter 5's lootbox system) or brand collaborations like the ones we saw with Red Bull.

It is worth noting, though, that CE does come equipped with all of the crossover costumes from Extra Battle Mode. You can even get the latest Blanka x Monster Hunter crossover costume if you buy now, even though the campaign has not concluded yet.

For a list of all of the costumes you'll receive with Champion Edition, you can check out our story here

Balance changes and V-Skill 2

Street Fighter 5 is seeing a set of balance adjustments here in the near future. On top of that, a second V-Skill is being added for every character on the roster.

Both of these facets are coming to owners of any version of Street Fighter 5, free of charge, sometime this month. They are also wrapped up in the Champion Edition bundle, so if CE will be your first copy of the game ever, you'll be able to enjoy them as well.

Second V-Skills are looking to add new flavor and utility to each of the 40 characters on the playable roster. We have seen a handful of them in action so far, which add things like a dodge maneuver for Cody and a stationary projectile for Juri.

Much like V-Trigger 2, V-Skill 2 will be a selectable option on the character select screen. You won't be using both V-Skills in a match at once, so you'll have to choose wisely for each match up.

Gill makes a triumphant return

The next DLC character to join Street Fighter 5 is none other than Street Fighter 3 boss, Gill. With both fire and ice elements at his disposal, the powerful leader of the Illuminati is set to introduce a brand new mechanic to the ecosystem.

From what we've seen so far, Gill has some similarities to his brother Urien, but will ultimately be a unique fighter thanks to a few key things. For starters, it appears as though Gill does not have an EX reversal like Urien's headbutt, which means players will have to be patient when it comes to surviving offensive pressure.

Additionally, Gill's "Retribution" mechanic really makes him stand out among the pack. With certain special moves and attacks inflicting debuffs on the opponent — such as freezing their stun bar or dealing white health damage over time — Gill can strike with an attack of the opposite element to activate Retribution and gain additional perks to said attack.

These buffs include better juggle opportunities, a wall bounce, and better frame advantage.

Like the balance changes and V-Skill 2, Gill will not only be a part of the CE bundle but will be releasing sometime this month. Unlike those things, however, it is likely that Gill will cost the standard amount for an individual character purchase: $5.99 USD or 100,000 Fight Money.

A mystery 40th character

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is promising a 40-character roster for those who pick up the game. However, you might notice that at this point in time, Gill's reveal brings the fighter count up to 39.

Another DLC character will be joining the fight with CE, and this mystery character will round out Season 4's line up of six.

The identity of the 40th character is currently unknown, but all eyes are on Capcom Cup this month as the event that will very likely be making the reveal. You'll want to tune in the weekend of December 13 through 15 for the next Street Fighter 5 announcements.

How do I get it?

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition will be available both digitally and physically on PlayStation 4 and as a digital download on Steam come February 14, 2020. The game will run you MSRP $29.99 / €29.99 / £24.99 and will come included with everything mentioned above.

If you already own Street Fighter 5 in some capacity, you can opt to pick up the Champion Edition upgrade kit instead. This will bump your version up to CE and will only run you $24.99 / €24.99 / £19.99.

You can actually purchase the upgrade kit right now and gain access to all of the CE content that is currently available. This includes all of the costumes, colors, stages, and characters that are available in Street Fighter 5 right now — though the aforementioned exceptions still apply.

Lastly, if you pre-order Champion Edition in North America, you will receive a special color for each character on the roster, which will become available at launch.

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