Tokido feels Daigo is the strongest Street Fighter 5 player in the world right now, but save your reactions until you hear his reasoning why

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • December 3, 2019 at 11:34 a.m. PST | Comments: 41

Yes, CYG|Daigo Umehara is still the most recognizable fighting game player in the world, but the strongest at Street Fighter 5? The Beast has a handful of strong showings in Capcom Pro Tour events and is slated to appear at Capcom Cup in less than two weeks, but we could easily rifle off a handful of names with more impressive SF5 resumes.

During a streaming session with RB|Gachikun, Rohto|Tokido (one of the players who certainly is in the discussion for top SF5 competitor on the planet) was asked who he feels is the strongest in SF5. His reply was Daigo, and his explanation explores more than just wins vs. losses.

Thanks to the translation efforts from the aptly named FGC Translated, we English speakers get to listen in on Tokido's nuanced perspective.

Immediately after the question is posed, the Akuma player's mind goes directly to the epic Kemonomichi 2 first to 10 bout that he and Umehara had back in 2018. Despite Tokido being even more unequivocally regarded as the game's best, he wound up falling to his opponent 5-10 in a very emotional loss.

"I lost to him and that was shocking," starts Tokido. "Since then, I haven't experienced anything that shocking yet." Indeed, Daigo has been often called "The Batman" of fighting games, a nickname set in place to highlight his ability to analyze foes and break them down more efficiently than anyone else, given the prep time to do so.

From here the discussion goes into the more philosophical as Tokido tries to hammer down a more specific definition for "strongest player." The mere fact that character strength differs already throws a major wrench in the works when you're trying to determine which of two competitors is actually "better" at a game.

He arrives at a definition, "To me, the strongest player means someone you can rely on and trust to lead the future of fighting games." He expands a bit on this and then calls back to a similar situation from the Street Fighter 4 days when Daigo took Infiltration, the reigning EVO champ of the time, to task with a 10-2 victory.

We'll let you check out the rest of the details yourself in the video right here:

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