The 'Kill Karin Challenge' has the community venting their frustrations against Karin in Street Fighter 5 — here are some of the flashiest submissions

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • December 2, 2019 at 3:45 p.m. PST | Comments: 28

Karin's status as a top tier character has already been assured in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. Hatred and disgust from the community is usually associated with top tier fighting game characters, and Karin is certainly no exception.

To help the community vent their frustrations, Javits has come up with the "kill Karin challenge." With full resources, clips are to be uploaded that showcase characters defeating Karin's entire life bar (925 life) with essentially two combos.

Between the two combos, Karin shall perform an EX Ressenha, which can be punished with a counter hit or Crush Counter. Ideally, Karin should be stunned in the middle of the second combo.

We've gathered some of the clips that showcase Dhalsim, Menat, Akuma, Ryu, Ken, Ibuki, Urien, Cody, and Sagat's flashiest combos.

Broski's Dhalsim combo required some setup time as he needed to use his Critical Art first, delay for some frames, then begin hitting the idle Karin. Dhalsim's V-Trigger 2 also came into play quite early, but the damage of the fireball wasn't cashed in until later in the combo.

Javits himself also submitted some combos to give players ideas. His clip of Ryu actually had him linking a light Dragon Punch into a heavy Dragon Punch in the corner. This was only possible due to Karin's airborne state after her EX Ressenha.

Check out all the gathered clips below.

Click images for animated versions

Sources: Pochoclo23, Akuma Tings, KaZey77, Realistic, Fotts, and Pero0126.

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