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Rumor: Leaker for Piranha Plant, Isabelle, Ken, and Incineroar claims to know the next DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after Banjo-Kazooie

Also declared Marx to be a boss in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate months before release

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • August 31, 2019 at 7:40 p.m. PDT • Comments: 37

With Dragon Quest's Hero already available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the next character that we'll gain access to via the Fighters Pass will be Banjo-Kazooie sometime in Fall 2019. Following this, there still exists two unknown combatants that will supposedly join the battle before February 2020 concludes.

A certain YouTuber, IAmShifty, claims to know the identity of the next fighter after Banjo-Kazooie. Notably, this individual was previously correct in his statement that a potted Piranha Plant would become playable.

So who is IAmShifty claiming to be the next fighter after Banjo-Kazooie? Supposedly, it's Ryu Hayabusa from Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden series.

"Not only am I saying that this character will be a DLC character for Smash, he's also going to be the very next character that's going to be announced for Smash," stated IAmShifty. "The very next time you see a character reveal announcement for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it will be this specific character. And that character is Ryu Hayabusa of Ninja Gaiden."

Although the YouTuber acknowledges that this is a fighter that often gets cited as being part of the Fighters Pass according to other supposed leaks, he also claims that he doesn't really pay attention to them personally.

IAmShifty mentions that he has "two to three sources at this point in time." He then states that he comes to believe information given to him when there exists consistency in what he's being told.

Notably though, this particular individual hasn't released any sort of leak since the Piranha Plant. There has really been nothing about Joker, Hero, or Banjo-Kazooie stated before their announcements. Are these supposed sources really still in the know?

In a video released on October 31, 2018, IAmShifty discussed the "Grinch Leak" that had recently come about during that time and the Super Smash Bros. Direct that would be airing the very next day. It was here that IAmShifty talked about what his sources had told him.

"Essentially, source two is saying it's just a Piranha Plant and that he fights in a pot, walks around on leaves, spits fire, spike balls, and poison," stated IAmShifty. "That is so f---ing random to me."

He also declared that "source one" informed him that there were three characters that have yet to be revealed. Two of them were supposedly Ken and Incineroar.

The description provided for the Piranha Plant is eerily similar to the final product. Indeed, the Piranha Plant fights while in a pot, and is capable of spitting fire (back air), a spike ball (neutral special), and poison (side special).

Another video created by IAmShifty on Aug 28, 2018 saw him declaring Isabelle, Incineroar, and Ken as new characters, the Spirits Mode as the game's "Subspace Emissary," and that Marx will serve as one of the bosses.

Of course, it's best to take all rumors and claims about leaks with a grain of salt. As of right now, details about the fourth DLC fighter will remain unconfirmed unless officially announced by Nintendo.

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