MOV's Third Strike story about how he tried, and failed, to impress Daigo enough to be on his team still has a happy ending

Even the best have to start somewhere

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 31, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. PDT | Comments: 5

GRAPHT|MOV has caught the eyes of Street Fighter 5 fans more than a few times with his explosive and creative Chun-Li play, but the Master of Vampires will most certainly go down in the history books as a Third Strike legend thanks to his four Super Battle Opera victories.

Of course, every journey has a beginning, and MOV wasn't always the show-stopping Chun-Li player he is now known to be. During his EVO interview with BornFree, the Japanese player opens up about a particular story from his early years involving two of the Japanese fighting game gods: Rhoto|Tokido and CYG|Daigo.

Flash back to the middle school days of both MOV and Tokido as the someday greats found themselves still fairly green in the competitive arena. The pair became practice partners and eventually decided to enter a 3v3 tournament, but needed a third teammate.

MOV approached the legendary Daigo for the first time to ask The Beast if he'd join up, (in retrospect, what a strong team that would have been) but Daigo wasn't about to just join up with anyone.

He insisted that MOV first prove himself by playing a few games, and was thoroughly unimpressed with the young competitor's performance. You can find out how the story plays out by checking out the full interview below.

We've included Born's timestamps so you can easily hop around to the parts you may be most interested in. Special thanks to Jun-ichi for the translations.

00:00 Context: MOV and team win SBO 2012 in Third Strike.

00:29 BornFree Intro

00:54 English Question: How / why did you get good?
01:40 English Answer.
02:01 More.
02:25 More.
02:47 More.
03:14 More.
03:56 More.

04:14 English Question: You had to win to play more, in the arcade. Did you have mentors / teachers?
04:40 English Answer.

04:50 English Question: You became one of the best 3S players in the world. How did you get to that level?
05:56 English Answer.
06:11 More.

06:44 English Question: You discovered Tokido at your middle school. Did you play him?
07:26 English Answer.
08:28 More.

09:41 English Question: You and Tokido went to a Third Strike tournament together. What happened?
09:53 English Answer.
11:10 More.
12:28 More.

12:52 English Question: Tokido and MOV helped each other get better in Third Strike. How was your progression?
14:03 English Answer.
16:31 More.

17:51 English Question: So Daigo bodied you in Third Strike when you first met him? You tried to recruit him for your Third Strike team?
19:03 English Answer.
19:56 More.

20:22 English Question: If Daigo was on the team maybe you would have won?!
20:40 English Answer.
20:59 More.

21:09 English Question: How old were you and Tokido at that time, when you came 2nd in the Third Strike tournament, in 2000? Who came 1st?
21:13 English Answer.
21:40 More.

22:01 English Question: It was many years later (2006) when you won your first Tougeki SBO?
22:42 English Answer.

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