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Street Fighter 5 has more content coming in November and December, here's what we think might end up being revealed

Characters and costumes are all but certain, but is a major update still possibly in the cards?

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 30, 2019 at 7:32 p.m. PDT • Comments: 92

EVO saw the Street Fighter 5 DLC dam of 2019 finally break as the community welcomed Honda, Lucia, and Poison with open arms, and though we're continuing to happily use and explore these highly anticipated newcomers, we best not forget there's more on the horizon.

During his traditional EVO crowd address and communal Shoryuken, Capcom's Yoshinori Ono told us three things: the team wanted to produce something extra for EVO once the characters were leaked, there's another reveal coming in November, and then one more in December.

So what might this new content be and can we hammer down more specific dates on which to expect it?

All previous seasons of SF5 have brought six DLC characters to the game, and we currently have four here in Season 4.

If Capcom follows suit from previous years then we'll probably get two more, and so it seems like a fairly safe guess to say that one will be coming in each of the two final months in 2019. It's usually the case that Capcom reveals major new content at major events, and the North American Regional Finals fall smack dab in the middle of November.

Though we didn't get anything at this same event in 2018, we did get a major Sakura tease in 2017 and a major Akuma tease in 2016. The NA Regional Finals will be the last event on the Tour before Capcom Cup, and considering the fact that it is to be held in Las Vegas, we're thinking it's a good bet that we'll be seeing a new character here.

The Tour finale will take place just under one month later on December 15, but the magnitude Capcom Cup gives it a bit more gravity than even the Super Premier NARF. Might there be more than just a new character reveal?

Capcom has made it very clear that it's doubling down on the eSports front, and while we do expect the company to produce more eSports titles in the not too distant future, they really only have Street Fighter 5 at this point in time.

As such, it's not too far-reaching to predict that support for this game very well could continue for another year. This could just mean we get a character and then the promise of another season at Capcom Cup, but it could just as well mean the reveal of a Super SF5 update.

While history has shown us to take his predictions and claims with a grain of salt, data miner X-Kira has said as much is en route:

X-Kira on Super SF5 image #1
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Such an update would be a great opportunity to breathe new life into SF5 as well as set up for a great final competitive chapter. New mechanics and balance could help freshen things up beyond 2019, and perhaps some reworkings with Fight Money and single-player modes would encourage casuals to continue the grind as well.

All of this could come along with a few bells and whistles in the form of additional costumes and stages. This kind of content is also our best guess as far as Ono's mention of he and his team trying to muster up something quickly to tack on to the leaked EVO reveal.

We'd love to hear what you think of all this speculation, and what you yourself suspect to see come the final two months of the year. Sound off in the comments with your two cents and reasonings, and let's look forward to November with excitement.

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