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The new Riot game could change the fighting genre forever, but there are plenty of obstacles in the way

It's a bit of a long shot at this point, but the FGC could be making some massive leaps and bounds in eSports and beyond

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 29, 2019 at 1:28 p.m. PDT • Comments: 38

When Tom Cannon revealed what we all suspected and confirmed that a Riot Games fighting title is in development at EVO this year, it officially marked the start of a new journey for the FGC.

We know next to nothing of the particulars of this upcoming game, and the best guess in terms of a release date right now is answered with a very broad "not anytime soon." Be all that as it may, the possibilities and implications for the League of Legends developer's second major game are huge, especially for the fighting genre.

Stumblebee has produced an all-new video exploring this very concept. He first details the backstory and shows us just how qualified the Cannons are and just how massive Riot became thanks to League of Legends.

Times have changed quite a bit here amid the gaming landscape as free-to-play models and eSports institutions have reassembled the standards and expectations many players have for their gaming experiences.

We here in the fighting game community have identified a handful of discrepancies between fighters and more successful eSports genres, many of which revolve around general accessibility.

Current fighting game developers have had varying success as they slowly but surely try out new approaches and ideas, but none of them have had the experiences and resources that Riot has (especially considering their partnership with the Cannons).

Not only could this upcoming title be a success in and of itself, but it could also open all new floodgates for our genre given some best-case scenario happenings. Check out Stumblebee's video below and let us know what you think of his ideas in the comments.

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