Update: Street Fighter League Season 2 adds Arturo Sanchez to replace Gllty's vacancy despite Xykes being ahead in votes

Capcom has been silent on the last minute decision

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 28, 2019 at 9:43 a.m. PDT | Comments: 161

Update: Xykes provided EventHubs with a statement regarding the Street Fighter League situation saying Capcom never approached him about the vacancy. The full details have been added to the story.

Street Fighter League Season 2 is just one day away from airing its first episode, but Capcom has been fairly silent as to who exactly is on the final roster given that their top nominated player was banned from participating.

Capcom indefinitely barred Leah "Gllty" Hayes from participating from any of their events after misconduct allegations came to light leaving a vacancy to be filled among the voted-in players. A banner on the Street Fighter League website confirms that final slot went to Arturo "TS|Sabin" Sanchez. The only problem with that being he wasn't next in line according to the nominations.

Sanchez finished the voting round in sixth place overall with 5,556 nominations in total falling short from getting initially selected.

Emezie "Xykes" Okorafor appears to have been next in line finishing in fifth place with 5,862 nominations — just 200 votes away from finishing fourth.

The new Street Fighter League banner players starting from the left with Mo-Joe, Tommy2Step, Dankadillas, Samurai, ESE|Sherry Jenix, Arturo Sanchez, iDom and AutoMattock.

Capcom has yet to release a statement explaining their decision to go with Sabin over Xykes nor have they officially announced Sanchez's involvement outside of the website banner. EventHubs has reached out to Capcom, but we have not heard back as of the time of reporting.

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Sanchez has also not disclosed his participation at this time either.

As of August 26, Xykes claims in multiple posts on Twitter that Capcom never reached out to him for a position on Street Fighter League following Gllty's ban from the series.

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Xykes confirmed in a statement to EventHubs that he initially received an apology from Capcom regarding the voting period ending early — and he does give his thanks to Capcom's Carolyn Dao for that, but they never approached him about filling Gllty's spot. He also claims that he personally tried contacting their eSports team without response either.

The internet animator says that he's not interested in hurting Capcom or Street Fighter and is still a fan of the series though it was obviously disheartening to him.

Following the apparent skip over him, Xykes says that he's not sure he can support the SFL as a fan unless they directly acknowledge their decision — plus the effort he put forth trying to get in creating animations and music throughout the voting week for his YouTube channel which has over 1.3 million followers. He also wants a spot on the next SFL or next Capcom invitational feeling that he's earned his spot at the table for doing what they asked of him.

"They never said anything to me, acknowledged the fact that I was #5 in the votes, talked to me about skipping me for Arturo, gave any reasons...nothing. I think that’s the part that bothers me most. No one acknowledge my efforts, or the fact that I basically completed the challenge they explicitly set out."

"I had the 4th most votes out of the eligible candidates. That means I won. To specifically chose the person after me, made it seem personal or even spiteful." - Xykes

Street Fighter League Season 2 is set to have 18 players split between six teams compete weekly for a shot at the championship.

Four of those players were selected by a popularity vote beginning mid-July where potential candidates opted in where fans / followers would receive votes to spend on who they wanted to see on the show.

The initial selected four were Gllty, AutoMattock, Sherry and Tommy2step. One could presume that the person next in line for votes would be on deck in case anyone was disqualified which would have been Xykes in this case.

Street Fighter League's website, however, makes no mention of how replacement players are selected in cases of matters such as these.

Capcom does say though that they can disqualify any participant at their discretion in cases like cheating, deception, tampering with the entry process, operation of the event or violating rules.

To be eligible to apply for the opt-in voting phase of SFL, players need to be a United States citizen, be over 16 years old and have entered a Street Fighter tournament on Smash.gg.

For the last part, we confirmed that Xykes has competed at multiple majors and local tournaments in the past using the website including finishing 129th place out of 611 for Street Fighter 5 at Combo Breaker 2019.

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This all comes less than a month after said voting phase ran into technical difficulties and ended an hour ahead of schedule. Capcom decided to uphold their voting results which left both Xykes and Sanchez disappointed and frustrated that they lost their final 60 minutes when voting was close all during the last day.

Arturo Sanchez is a longtime member of the fighting game community competing as both a player and stream producer with Team Spooky.

"[I] wanted to thank everyone who reached out to support me over the past weeks," Xykes told EventHubs. "During the original voting fiasco and after the recent developments. It really meant a lot to me, and it was heart warming."

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