Daigo: I feel like I'm gonna just disappear when I retire

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • August 27, 2019 at 2:48 p.m. PDT | Comments: 36

FGC Translated has recently transcribed a stream of CYG|Daigo's that aired back in March. During the video, Daigo ponders about what he'll do once he inevitably retires as a competitive player.

"I feel like I'm gonna just disappear when I retire," declared Daigo. This statement came about after he considered a few options that were likely suggested to him by the stream chat.

"If I'm not active, then I wouldn't be in this industry," said Daigo. "I mean, I 'can't' be in this industry. In other words, as long as I'm in this industry, I want to stay active as a player.

Daigo noted that he doesn't really have a lot of other hobbies. He seemed pretty confident that he wouldn't be running any sort of business on his own.

Notably, Daigo didn't seem too think that becoming a coach would work out for him. "Is coaching a possible job in E-Sports? I don't think so," stated Daigo.

As for being a commentator, Daigo didn't feel too interested with that idea. Specifically, he stated that he didn't think he'd be able to do that.

If there ends up being a demand for streaming, then that may prove itself as a possibility that Daigo would have to consider since it's relatively easy to set up.

Overall though, it seemed as though Daigo believes that it'd be better for him to stay as an active player. He ended up referencing the Fire Emblem series as an analogy.

"[I'll use] Fire Emblem as an example," started Daigo. "You keep using the same already strong characters. There's no fatigue, so only those strong characters grow even stronger. I feel like that's what's been happening for the fighting game industry. I think we need to focus on the act of 'training.'

Daigo ended up liking a suggestion to him about sponsoring young players to compete at premier tournaments. Of course, he also remarked at the irony of potentially having to face off against them at events.

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