Mister Crimson releases his Dhalsim match up chart for Street Fighter 5 claiming Sagat is his easiest opponent

Where does he put the three new characters on that list?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 24, 2019 at 12:08 p.m. PDT | Comments: 13

Street Fighter 5 is three and a half years old now meaning that players who have stuck it out with their original launch characters should certainly have a ton of solid match up knowledge for the game.

Nathan "nV|Mister Crimson" Massol is one of the best Street Fighter players in France, and being one of the last handful of (mostly) Dhalsim — who is generally seen as middle of the road on tier lists — mains touring at a professional level, he decided to release his own match up chart for the master of Yoga.

Mister Crimson broke down his choices based off of the criteria of how much neutral the opponent plays against Dhalsim versus those who can get in with rushdown, V-Triggers or other shenanigans that he labels as "Ouga Bouga."

Generally looking at the chart will suggest that Dhalsim is most comfortable in fighting other zoner heavy fighters like Sagat and Falke while struggling against others like Rashid, R. Mika and M. Bison... you know the characters that show up a bunch in tournaments.

Interestingly, the European player feels that his main can do well against around half of the cast including Birdie, Guile, Laura and even the newcomers in Poison and Lucia.

For his hardest match ups, however, Crimson places Rashid as the most difficult with Necalli, Balrog and Kolin not too far behind.

This year probably hasn't been the best for Dhalsim overall from a competitive standpoint, but the character has seen a myriad of success and high tournament placements thanks to his loyal players in Street Fighter 5 despite the game being more heavily slanted towards the offensive fighters. You can take a look at Mister Crimson's full chart below.

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Source: Twitter.

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