How is the new Street Fighter 5 content faring thus far and has it been enough to put the game in a better light in the community's eyes?

There was a lot riding on this reveal, so what're the results?

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 22, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. PDT

It's been about three weeks since Street Fighter 5 received its first major update of 2019 in the form of a patch that brought with it E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison.

While important in its own right, this patch also served as a crucial answer from Capcom to eight months of community pleas for some kind of update to a title the development company themselves billed "as a service." With this in mind, community reception to this new content becomes fatefully significant, and so a general look at the effectiveness and quality of these characters is apt.

We can start more broadly and look simply at the magnitude of the update first. Three characters and a stage one of the biggest singular drops Capcom has made at any point in Street Fighter 5's three and a half year history, and while it certainly wasn't quite on par with a version update overhaul, it was certainly significant.

A two-character drop (a-la the Sagat and G reveal at EVO 2018) would have likely been received as insufficient by crowds as expectations as the onus on Capcom to wow fans with something bigger than the status quo was palpable.

While developers didn't necessarily pass this test with flying colors, they did pass it. Conversations about Street Fighter 5 evolved from negative comments about radio silence and poor public relations to focus much more on new character excitement and exploration.

The new Honda Sento stage comes with a price tag of 70,000 Fight Money and looks like a fully modernized version of the classic Street Fighter 2 arena most fighting game players recognize. it feels like the bathhouse has a matter-of-fact home here in Street Fighter 5, and the majority of players will likely see this as a routine and worthwhile purchase.

The three new characters, Honda, Lucia, and Poison, can each be purchased in one of two ways. Players can use 100,000 FM to buy a single character with their standard costume and no additional colors. If they go this route, they'll need to unlock more colors and outfits via either the in-game store or by playing through Survival Mode.

Alternatively each of these fighters can be purchased for $5.99 apiece. If players obtain them through this method, they'll get standard costume colors 3-10 as well as the characters' battle outfits complete with 10 colors. Story Mode costumes can be obtained

All three fighters have an additional Nostalgia outfit, and then both Lucia and Poison have a Swimsuit outfit. All extra costumes can be purchased for $3.99 apiece, save for the Story Mode costumes which can be purchased for 40k FM once each character's individual story has been completed.

With four alternate threads for Honda and then five costumes for both Lucia and Poison, it does feel like ample time and focus was spent in this particular avenue. Not only can players control these brand new fighters, but they can also do so in whichever of their many available styles suits them best. This won't mean much, however, if the characters themselves are not well-received.

You can view all costumes and colors for all three characters in the galleries right here.

Honda Costumes image #1 Lucia's costume colors and Easter eggs image #1 Poison's costume colors in Street Fighter 5 image #1

So how is the community feeling about the three newcomers thus far? Given their legacy status, both Honda and Poison have more than a few fans right off the bat. Lucia, though she was a main character in Final Fight 3, will need to do a little more to prove herself.

I'll admit I had my reservations about Capcom's choosing of a character for this batch that hasn't been in Street Fighter before, and my fears were actually compounded upon seeing her reveal trailer as she appeared to be a somewhat bland hybrid of Ken and Cammy.

Once players got their hands on her, however, Lucia began to shine arguably brighter than the other two fighters she dropped with. Her flashy and fiery offense is fun, but seemingly not overpowered. Her decently nuanced fireball game makes for some interesting personalization, and it seems she's been a great source of both interest and entertainment over these last three weeks.

Honda was easily the most expected of the three, and completes the World Warrior roster on the Street Fighter 5 character select screen. His clean and true-to-the-source-material design get him some quick points, and his updated but recognizable, (and most importantly, fun) gameplay seal the deal.

Honda probably won't be the most popular character in the game, (when has he ever been?) but Capcom's execution has made him an absolutely sound addition that many are happy to have.

A fan favorite from day one, Poison is one of those surefire bets when it comes to DLC SF characters. While there's certainly some debate about her updated visuals, anyone that isn't a fan has the aforementioned options of choosing one of her four other looks.

She seems to be the most difficult of the three to be good with early on, but that isn't stopping the community from exploring her just as much as her counterparts. With all three of these newcomers getting plenty of playtime and discussion, it feels appropriate to deem this update a general success.

Very importantly, all three of these fighters don't seem to be overly frustrating to those playing with or those playing against them. They each have some fun mechanics and seem to be able to get the job done, but none are currently on the stand for being detrimentally strong or weak. You can see how each is currently rated on our community-voted tier list right here.

Progress and status can be measured in many ways, but the fact that people seem to now drift towards discussing the new content instead of discussing the Capcom's SF5 failures is a significant sign for both in this particular case.

I hesitate to say this was a Grand Slam on par with the release of Arcade Edition back in 2018, but I'm more than happy to call it a home run. With this new content to keep us interested for now, and rumors of a Winter Bundle on the horizon, Street Fighter 5 easily boasts the best status its had since the start of 2019.

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