'Hero should not be banned in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' - ESAM chimes in on the Smash community's recent hot topic

He's silly, he's dumb, but he's not ban-worthy

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 22, 2019 at 5:29 p.m. PDT | Comments: 10

The fighting game community has been seeing an awful lot of ban talk lately, and the biggest reason for this has to be the newest addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Hero from Dragon Quest.

Since his release three weeks ago, Hero's RNG-riddled arsenal has been causing many Smashers to call for his restriction in tournament play. Prominent Smasher PG|ESAM recently released a video wherein he argues that we should let the newcomer rock.

To give an idea of how serious the issue has really been, the character has actually already been barred from tourney play in South Australia.

It's clear that ESAM isn't arguing against the fact that Hero does indeed have aspects that heavily detract from the game's competitive process, he spends a fair amount of time highlighting and describing why some of the specific moves in question are especially bad.

His argument focuses more on the fact that the prevalence of the character's "silliness" isn't to the point of breaking the game, and that when you view the character's transgressions within the context of the rest of the cast, they're not enough to justify getting rid of him altogether. The Panda Global competitor picks apart many of these problem attacks and points out how likely they are to be effective, and how players can go about combating them.

"Hero does NOT need to be banned in Smash Ultimate. The character is a bit different than what we've seen before, but I will give solid reasons as to why Hero's silliness does not warrant a ban," says ESAM in his video description.

Do ESAM's arguments resonate with you? Let us know what you think about Hero and the idea of banning him in the comments below after you watch.

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