Lucia comes out as the strongest of the new DLC characters, M. Bison, Menat, and more drop in the latest Street Fighter 5 tier list

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • August 21, 2019 at 4:55 p.m. PDT | Comments: 18

Fighting game tier lists are ever evolving, and Street Fighter 5 is a fighting game that is no exception to the rule. Whether it be from the arrival of new characters or an existing fighter being further explored, it is often that we see tier lists shift and change as a game's life progresses.

The last time we took a look at our own Street Fighter 5 tiers was back in June, and a lot has changed since then. EVO 2019 has come and gone, and three new fighters — E. Honda, Poison, and Lucia — have since entered the mix. So, let's take a look at how the tiers section is looking today.

Though they haven't had much time in Street Fighter 5 just yet, the first characters our eyes are drawn to are the three newcomers. While it's hard to get a strong understanding of just how strong or weak these fighters are, looking at their early placements does give us a good idea of where the people feel they stack up right out of the gate.

At this moment in time, Lucia appears to be the new DLC character that the community believes is the strongest. There has been a lot of hype around her as her tool set revolves around heavy rushdown, big combos, and a very interesting fireball game — which sees her score the 13th spot on the tier list.

Poison isn't too far off at the moment, as she sits at 16th, while E. Honda finds himself as the worst of the new bunch at 27th. It's still very early, so these placements will likely change with time.

As for the characters that were in the game before earlier this month, we've seen some major shifts in placement among the rest of the cast.

Karin, who has seen a lot of success in recent months and an influx of players using her now, has moved from 9th place all the way up to 3rd. Former reigning 1st placer M. Bison, on the other hand, has dropped down to 6th to make room for notoriously strong characters like Rashid and Akuma.

A character that was also the talk of the town for a while, G, finds himself as the 12th highest ranked character in Street Fighter 5 right now. G is actually the highest ranked Season 3 contender, with all of the others falling into the bottom half of the tier list — with the exception of Sakura who lands at 18th.

Season 2 has fared better than the one that followed it as both Kolin and Zeku have secured spots in the top 10. Even Menat, who dropped from 3rd down to 15th, still finds herself at a respectable place. However, not everyone in Season 2 is doing well considering Abigail has fallen from grace down to 35th overall and Ed is ranked dead last as worst character in Street Fighter 5 currently.

Which brings us to Season 4 and Kage, who isn't doing too hot right now. That hard-hitting, evil incarnation of Ryu is considered the 8th worst in the game, which is likely due, in part, by top tier Shoto Akuma being able to do a lot of what Kage wants to do, but better.

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