Is Street Fighter 4 more fun to play or watch than Street Fighter 5? Is Shadow Chun foreshadowing bigger things? Has SF5's netcode worsened since EVO?

EventHubs Podcast episode 65

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 21, 2019 at 7:35 p.m. PDT | Comments: 217

Welcome back to the EventHubs Podcast (unless this is your first time listening, in which case, just welcome). This week's episode features discussion regarding Brenden Fraser, croissants, and fighting games.

CO|Dogura recently spoke about both Street Fighter 4 and 5 on one of his streams, and asked his viewers which title they enjoyed watching and playing more. This question often leads to respectful and scholarly online debates between community members, and we figured we'd explore it on the podcast as well.

The latest Extra Battle in SF5 features none other than Shadow Lady Chun-Li, who comes complete with an array of new and insane moves that have gripped a good portion of the community's attention.

It takes a good bit of time and resources to design and implement all new techniques, and we're wondering if Shadow Chun might be more than just a one-off Extra Battle. Perhaps she's simultaneously serving as a test for future endeavors?

We also chat about how to level up outside the training room, complaints about SF5's netcode possibly being worse after the EVO patch, VP|Justin Wong's interesting commentary on his epic Moment 37 match, and more.

As per the usual, be sure to check out r/SF Radio right afterwards to keep that fighting game podcast combo going strong.


00:54 - Brendan Fraser does NOT suck
02:50 - Shadow Lady foreshadowing?
11:05 - Catalyst spends 10 hours improving without playing, and so can you!
29:22 - Is SF4 more fun to watch than SF5?
38:00 - Recent SF4 adventures and new realizations
52:57 - Is SF5's netcode worse after the EVO patch?
58:40 - Justin Wong on Moment 37 match: Daigo was playing like it was SF5
1:04:44 - Tie on the CPT Asia Leaderboards
1:07:38 - Something smells fishy with Street Fighter League...

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