Multiple reports of Street Fighter 5's netcode worsening after the EVO patch has players second guessing online sessions

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 20, 2019 at 7:16 p.m. PDT | Comments: 117

No doubt the Street Fighter 5 CFN servers saw a surge of new activity after the release of E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison over EVO weekend, but while competitors have been thoroughly enjoying these newcomers, it doesn't appear that we can say the same with regards to the general online SF5 experience.

I myself ran into a SoCal friend in a ranked match within the last week, and both of us noticed a hampering on our SoCal-Arizona connection that isn't usually there. One such instance really isn't enough to sound any alarms over, but a fellow SoCal player messaged me independently to complain about similar issues on the same day.

After a bit of digging around on social media and finding multiple reports of noticeably weaker connections from prominent online players, it's starting to feel like it may be a real problem.

Street Fighter 5 has certainly gotten some flack for its netcode over the last three and a half years, though I will say that I personally have traditionally been content with it and found it to be a clear step up from Street Fighter 4's.

While bits of negative feedback stemming from the crowds is one thing, statements from fighting game professionals and competitors that spend a lot of time with the online grind carry a good bit more weight.

VP|Justin Wong made one such statement on Friday. "I don’t know why I bother trying to play online in SFV... It gets me so mad. 5 bar connection I get matched up with people from [the Dominican Republic] or then people pick different stages. YEP, BACK TO ONLY TRAINING MODE."

While Wong didn't speak to any kind of particular decay in the online experience, his tweet did resonate with a few other players. Ultimate Grand Master Sakura player Kusanagi and Warlord-ranked Mhike2Stronk offered similar sentiments, both specifying that things seem to have gotten worse in recent days.

In addition to these two, there were more than a few other Twitter users that agreed in the ensuing thread from Wong's post. The general suspicion is that this dip in overall connection quality hit after the August 5th update that brought with it the three new DLC characters.

You can read the aforementioned tweets by clicking the thumbnail here. We'd really like to hear your two cents on this matter if you've been playing SF5 since the EVO update.

Have you been experiencing a better, worse, or similar connection when compared to pre-patch experiences? Sound off with any and all comments below.

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