Lucia's early designs in Street Fighter 5 made her look more like a punk or cowboy sheriff, chaps and all

She really likes gum I guess

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 20, 2019 at 7:52 a.m. PDT | Comments: 55

While Lucia may have initially not stood out very much after her initial trailer, she has quickly become potentially the most popular of the trio of new characters in Street Fighter 5 in recent weeks.

As they typically do with every new character, Capcom released the early concept art for Lucia's design which shows off more of her punk and country influences with one that even makes her look like a sheriff from the old West.

There were six different designs shown off which would end up becoming her default and story looks though they would both go through multiple changes and influence her other available outfits.

Lucia's' initial design shown is much more punk than cop with her short, messy hair, tattered jacket, graffiti hoodie and short shorts which would eventually turn into her story costume featuring a more toned down approach.

The aforementioned sheriff concept has some flavors from all of her other costumes but it stands out as very different from the rest with her cowboy boots, tasseled chaps, cowboy hat and handkerchief — though the chaps would end up being re-purposed for the Metro City cop's story costume in a way.

Those cowboy influences though would pop back up in her nostalgia and swimsuit attire in the game, however. You can check out the concept art for Lucia below and see whether or not you like any of them more than her final winning designs.

Lucia concept art image #1 Lucia concept art image #2 Lucia concept art image #3 Lucia concept art image #4 Lucia concept art image #5 Lucia concept art image #6 Lucia concept art image #7
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