'We allocated different characteristics and roles [in Street Fighter 2] and it turned out that 8 was the number' — Nishitani interview with Daigo

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • August 18, 2019 at 2:28 p.m. PDT | Comments: 14

CYG|Daigo, back in 2016, had the opportunity to interview Nishitani — known as the father of Street Fighter 2 and Final Fight. He would eventually leave Capcom to create another video game company called Arika.

Nishitani had a hand in the development of games like Lost World, Mad Gear, Final Fight, Street Fighter 2, X-Men: Children of the Atom, Street Fighter EX, and Fighting EX Layer. Although the interview is in Japanese, FGC Translated has provided an English transcript of the dialogue that occurred during the video.

As many of us already know, the original Street Fighter 2 allowed players to choose between eight different fighters. Vega, Balrog, Sagat, and M. Bison started out as boss characters that could only exclusively be used by the A.I.

Although Nishitani stated that the team wanted to create as many characters as possible, there had to be a limit. With different characteristics and roles allocated, they eventually came up with eight as being the right number of playable fighters.

They intended for the four Shadaloo Bosses to be able to do things that the player wasn't able to. During these days, there weren't a lot of players competing against one another so having it function as a single player action game was important too.

Since these bosses weren't originally intended to be playable, moves like Balrog's Dash Straight wasn't really designed to be a charge special. Vega's ability to climb the cage in the background was another notable example of a move that would leave an impression on the player.

M. Bison was ultimately meant to be a sort of surprise as many would probably expect Sagat to be the final battle since that was how it worked in the first Street Fighter title.

This particularly combatant was made to have moves that were simply stronger than the rest of the cast's since it might have been complicated to make the fight difficult if M. Bison was balanced similarly.

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