D-Piddy went around EVO 2019 asking players to name fighting game characters from each mainstage game, can you guess them all?

I think I missed one

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 18, 2019 at 10:50 a.m. PDT | Comments: 19

EVO 2019 will go down as one of if not the biggest years ever for the long-running event drawing in thousands of players, viewers, artists, cosplayers and so many more from the fighting game community at large.

While content creator D-Piddy is most well known for his Deadpool and other cosplay videos on YouTube, he's also been active in the FGC for a number of years now working with companies like Arc System Works and others. He took part in EVO 2019 where he asked attendees to name fighting game characters from memory with some very entertaining responses.

Each of the nine mainstage EVO titles from this year were represented in this quiz with two fighters each, so D-Piddy was pulling from Street Fighter 5, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Samurai Shodown, Soul Calibur 6, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and Under Night In-Birth.

The YouTuber was able to pull in some of the most recognizable faces from the FGC to take part in the video like CEO|Alex Jebailey, AG|Broly Legs, Mr. Born Free himself, EQNX|Cuddle Core, James Chen, Justin Wong, LI Joe and some other neat guests like a sweet Venom cosplayer going by Yuji.

Things start off strong with many of them not being able to name the little yellow dog Isabelle from Animal Crossing and Smash though something tells me some of them may be playing things up a bit considering Jebailey says he doesn't know who Bardock is.

We won't say anymore, so go check out the full video below... and tell us how you would have gotten each of them totally right the first time in the comments. D-Piddy also made another video back during EVO 2018 where he spread some "love" to the attendees while cosplaying Faust from Guilty Gear.

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