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Blazing Strike looks to bring pixel-based fighting games of the 90's like King of Fighters and Third Strike to modern times with flare old and new

Of course it has parries

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 18, 2019 at 12:54 p.m. PDT • Comments: 53

A new, potentially cool-looking fighting game Kickstarter has hit the scene looking to bring everything that made fighting games of the 90's great — minus the arcades — into the modern day with a style and mechanics that most will be drawn towards with some new twists.

Korean developer RareBreed is currently working on Blazing Strike with the intent to launch the game on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC with some early gameplay, completed character designs and more shown off for the crowdfunding campaign.

Hearkening back to past titles like Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, Darkstalkers and Fatal Fury, Blazing Strike attempts to recapture that old magic bringing with it classic design elements and animation styles. It even has the beloved Street Fighter 3 parry system.

This four-button fighter is also adding in its own Rush Trigger mechanic that will open the door for expanded combos, fast-paced attacks and new movement options. Holding the button down will slowly drain a character's Rush Meter, and if they run it all out, they will be left in a dizzy state requiring some careful planning.

Blazing Strike's character designs also feel quite 90's with a newer cyber-punk edge that looks quite pleasing in both art and pixel forms.

The game is planned to release with six characters — Jake, Shinsuke and Graffi plus three others decided by a poll — but there are up to 10 currently planned with stretch goals should it reach its funding.

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For game modes, you'll get your standard assortment of versus and arcade modes plus some sort of cooperative play. GGPO netcode is also part of their stretch goals.

Blazing Strike is looking to raise $70,000 USD by August 31 to complete development with over $17,000 pledged at the time of reporting. Backers will need to pledge at least $25 to receive a digital copy of the game though of course there's more expensive tiers to get things like alternate costume designs or personal characters into the background of stages.

You can check out the characters and trailers / gameplay for Blazing Strike below though keep in mind that it is still a work in progress and early along in some areas. You'll also find more information about mechanics and characters on their Kickstarter page

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