Problem X shows off another nasty M. Bison cross up setup in tournament not with his Psycho Crusher or dash... but his V-trigger bomb

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 17, 2019 at 3:23 p.m. PDT

While M. Bison's traditional jumping cross up button is not the best in Street Fighter 5, players quickly found out a variety of other methods to make the dictator a threat to both sides thanks to both of his V-Triggers.

Fight Club NRW #10 is currently going down in Cologne, Germany this weekend where last year's EVO champion, Mouz|Problem X is sitting on winners side of top 16, and he got there in part by styling a bit on EnVyUS|MisterCrimson with a cross up setup we hadn't seen before.

Up one game and a perfect round already against Mister Crimson, Problem X popped his second V-Trigger which gives him access to a command grab that plants a bomb on the opponent plus his trademark Psycho Crusher special.

The former EVO champ hit Crimson's Karin with that grab knocking him down as his V-Trigger ran out. Normally for V-Trigger 2, Bison players will use the Psycho Crusher on the opponent's wake up because it'll go through and potentially cross them up. Problem couldn't do that, however, because his gauge had run out.

With the time bomb still planted, Problem used Bison's controllable air special in Devil's Reverse to fly over Karin right when the bomb exploded to cross her up and take out her remaining sliver of health.

Of course in V-Trigger 1 things can get even crazier at times considering Bison's normal forward dash will go straight through characters to cross them up on the ground. I guess all that makes up for his jumping medium kick being kinda wonky.

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