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Umebura SP4 results

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • August 17, 2019 at 4:33 a.m. PDT • Comments: 0

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

There's a massive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event happening in Tokyo, Japan this weekend.

Some of the notable players participating include GW|Zackray, SST|Shuton, Raito, R2G|Kameme, SNB|Abadango, Tea, Lea, Geki|Hikaru, Geki|Zaki, Tsu, KEN, Choco, Shky, Kirihara, GW|Shogun and more.

This is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate exclusive event, and only has a Singles competition happening, so it'll be a very straightforward affair.

It's also a one-day happening, so once the stream starts, just stay tuned until the very end to see the champion crowned.

Over 700 people are partaking, so there'll undoubtedly be a bunch of hype matches to get to the end, and most of Japan's elite are all present.

Streaming is being done at VG Boot Camp.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate โ€” Results

1. SNB|Abadango (Wario, Palutena, Inkling, Meta Knight)
2. Brood (Piranha Plant)
3. R2G|Kameme (Mega Man, Wario)
4. KEN (Sonic)
5. Choco (Zero Suit Samus)
5. Gackt (Ness)
7. DIO (Snake)
7. Kome (Shulk)

9. Tsu- (Lucario, Joker)
9. SST|Shuton (Olimar)
9. Shky (Zero Suit Samus)
9. Geki|T (Link)
13. GW|Shogun (Snake, Fox)
13. Tarakotori (Little Mac)
13. Ri-ma (Toon Link, Joker)
13. Some (Greninja)

17. Kare~ (Wolf)
17. Rai (Piranha Plant)
17. YOC (Joker)
17. Lunamado (Bowser, Ike, Pikachu)
17. Tea (Pac-Man)
17. Kirihara (Rosalina & Luma)
17. Geki|Zaki (King Dedede)
17. Kuro (Zero Suit Samus)

25. Sigma (Toon Link)
25. Ocean (R.O.B.)
25. Daiki (Ice Climbers, Lucas)
25. PNG|Atelier (Wolf)
25. Arika (Jigglypuff)
25. GW|Zackray (Joker)
25. Lv.1 (Toon Link)
25. Rotsuku (Yoshi)

Event Schedule

11:00 A.M. โ€” Singles Tournaments Begins
3:00 P.M. โ€” Singles Tournaments Top 96

All times listed are JST.

Time Zone Conversion
PST: Subtract 16 hours.
EST: Subtract 13 hours.
UTC: Subtract 9 hours.
BST: Subtract 8 hours.
CEST: Subtract 7 hours.

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