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Mina Majikina is coming to Samurai Shodown Season 2 next year, but which other characters seem like probable picks to join her?

We take a look at top placers in the Dengeki Online Poll, cited in her reveal by SNK themselves, which Mina won

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • August 23, 2019 at 8 p.m. PDT • Comments: 51

Although we already knew some of the DLC plans for Samurai Shodown's post-launch period, EVO 2019 gave us even more insight and surprises when it was announced that they were adding an extra character for free and moving up the release dates of all the announced roster as well, leading to one new character being added every remaining month of this year, with Rimururu being first out earlier this month.

On top of that, we got a Season 2 announcement at the same time, and were promised that Mina Majikina, who won the Dengeki Online Poll for wanted Samurai Shodown characters would be first out for this next season, with three other characters to follow her. So what characters could they be? Let's take a closer look at the Dengeki Online Poll's results, where the currently announced characters placed in it, and what the other placements might mean for potential additions after Mina.

Confirmed DLC Characters

We have a first and second season of DLC characters confirmed for Samurai Shodown, with the first season consisting of five characters which will release during the rest of 2019.

There's only one character confirmed for Season 2, with three silhouettes accompanying her, so by first looking at the characters we know are coming to the game, we might get a better idea of who else we'll see to round out Season 2 later in 2020.

The Season 1 Cast

As touched upon earlier, we've had four DLC characters confirmed as the first season of Samurai Shodown for quite some time now, which could be obtained for free for the first weekend after the game's release, and a fifth was revealed as a free add-on for everyone at EVO 2019.

Given the nature of these characters being obtainable without paying any money, you'd think that they'd also be fairly low in popularity, since it makes a lot of business sense to save your most popular characters for later since they'd be the big sellers, and while this holds true for two of the characters โ€” Kazuki Kazama and Wan-Fu, who were 16th and 13th in the voting, respectively โ€” the other three were much higher in the results.

Basara the Executioner and Rimururu, both characters that were announced well in advance (though not before the poll had wrapped up) finished in 5th and 6th place, respectively, meaning they were exceptionally high placers in the poll results, albeit not at the very top.

The additional EVO reveal of Shizumaru Hisame, the main protagonist of Samurai Shodown III, was met with a lot of applause and hype, and no wonder โ€” he actually finished in 3rd place in the Dengeki Online poll, meaning that out of the five characters we're getting this year, he's the most popular of them all.

Mina Majikina

First appearance: Samurai Shodown V (2003)
Latest appearance: Samurai Shodown (2019)
Numbers of playable appearances in main games: 3
Poll placement: #1

The main heroine of Samurai Shodown V whose weapon of choice is a bow and arrow was actually a relatively late addition to the series, appearing first in 2003's Samurai Shodown V. Since her addition, she was an instant fan favorite and the amount of crossovers she's partaken in as well as the wealth of merchandise available with her is off the charts.

Her topping off the poll didn't surprise anyone who's been paying attention to the series, and SNK confirming her at EVO was a very welcome, even if expected, showing for her many fans (myself included, she was my most wanted).

Given the extreme popularity of the character, everyone was probably expecting her to be in sooner or later, so with her "out of the way", so to speak, the remaining silhouettes are ripe for speculation.

High Poll Placers for Season 2

The fact that SNK went out of their way to highlight that Mina was the #1 placer in Dengeki Online's poll, and that we can see how relatively high the Season 1 characters were in it as well, shows that the poll is clearly something they looked at quite intently when making their decisions. As such, let's take a look at which other characters got high results in it.


First appearance: Samurai Shodown VI (2005)
Latest appearance:Samurai Shodown VI (2005)
Numbers of playable appearances in main games: 1
Poll placement: #2

Even newer than the first placer, Iroha comes from one of the most recent Samurai Shodown games released (which was actually 14 years ago, shockingly enough). Since then, she's become a massively popular character in Japan, and even has her own spinoff game for mobile devices.

Iroha was actually brought up in a Japanese-language interview with Dengeki Online regarding the new Samurai Shodown, and why she wasn't in the game's initial roster despite her overwhelming popularity. As translated by me, here's what SNK's Kuroki had to say regarding her.

"The development side is very aware of her popularity. This is my own personal opinion, but I didn't want her to be part of the launch roster ... It's similar to how Yuri Sakazaki didn't appear in the Art of Fighting series until the second game, in that we don't want to give the new Samurai Shodown that type of image right off the bat".

He further elaborated that the sensual nature of some of her scenes and animations made them worried about how she'd be received worldwide, and also said that they can't remove those elements from her either, since then she wouldn't be Iroha anymore.

The interview iterates what we've already guessed, that the poll results will be looked at intently for future DLC.

Cham Cham

First appearance: Samurai Shodown II (1994)
Latest appearance: Samurai Shodown VI (2005)
Numbers of playable appearances in main games: 3
Poll placement: #4

Cham Cham is a somewhat whimsical character who is actually the younger sister of current roster member, Tam Tam. Wielding a boomerang as her weapon of choice, she definitely brings a flavor to the table that isn't currently in the game.

When first introduced, she actually replaced her brother in the roster, although they've appeared together since then, first in the PlayStation version of Samurai Shodown IV, and then in all versions of Samurai Shodown VI.

Given her low story focus, she's a prime candidate for a DLC character since they tend to be largely removed from the narrative and setting of the game anyway, and with her placing so high in the poll it gives her a very good shot as well.

Perhaps the biggest worry for Cham Cham fans is if SNK don't want to have a Season 2 pass with a majority female characters, but would prefer to split it evenly between men and women, in which case Cham Cham's rival for the non-Mina female slot would be Iroha, who is truly a foe to be reckoned with.

Princess Suzu (Suzuhime)

First appearance: Samurai Shodown Sen (2008)
Latest appearance: Samurai Shodown Sen (2008)
Numbers of playable appearances in main games: 1
Poll placement: #7

Despite the lackluster reception 2008's Samurai Shodown Sen received, with the transition from 2D to 3D in both graphics and gameplay, there are characters from the game who are still highly appreciated, with the most notable one being Princess Suzu.

Billed as the main protagonist of the game, she is a princess of a foregin country who has been brought up by a daimyo (a Japanese feudal lord) since she was very young.

She uses a surprisingly heavy sword for her stature, which has long recovery since she needs to pick it back up after swinging, while her faster attacks are done with a flute she carries.

If she were to be added as DLC, this would be her first 2D appearance in the series, since she's previously only been seen in the 3D-oriented Samurai Shodown Sen from which she originated.

Neinhalt Sieger

First appearance: Samurai Shodown II (1994)
Latest appearance: Samurai Shodown VI (2005)
Numbers of playable appearances in main games: 2
Poll placement: #8

Neinhalt Sieger is the highest-placing male character who isn't already part of the first season's DLC, which may give him a stronger shot than his #8 poll placement would imply.

Originating in Samurai Shodown II, he wields a massive metal gauntlet on one of his arms and does battle with it in what is called the Red Lion Style Mercenary Arts.

A Prussian (what would today be called Germany) warrior, he fights for the honor of his country and was originally designed to be a strong, foreign character.

Although his hiatus between games was quite long after Samurai Shodown II, he did reappear in Samurai Shodown VI almost 10 years later (though, so did every character from the series that had debuted up until that point).

Given his sporadic appearances and low utility in the series thus far, SNK themselves might be surprised at how highly he placed in the poll. Even if he wasn't in consideration for the first year of DLC, you know they'll definitely be at least looking at him for 2020.

Genan Shiranui

First appearance: Samurai Shodown (1993)
Latest appearance: Samurai Shodown VI (2005)
Numbers of playable appearances in main games: 3
Poll placement: #9

The final character we'll be detailing in this notable poll placer story is Genan Shiranui, who is in fact the sole original Samurai Shodown character from the first title in the series, not counting the game's boss Shiro Tokisada Amakusa, to not be part of the new installment's roster.

Although Genan has never exactly shined in popularity, it's notable that Wan-Fu, the other original game cast member who wasn't in the launch roster, who SNK added to the first season of their own volition actually ended up placing lower than Genan did.

While legacy is obviously a big deal to a lot of people, it remains to be seen just how far it goes in the hearts of SNK's developers. Even looking past the legacy aspect, a #9 placing in a poll which featured a whopping 69 characters to choose from is hardly anything to scoff at.

In case you were curious, the #10 placer on the poll was the extremely bizarre Youkai Kusaregedo from Samurai Shodown V. Just speaking on a personal level ... I might feel better without this guy, but that could just be me.

Let me know in the comments who you're hoping to see round out next year's Season 2 roster for Samurai Shodown.

Full poll results can be found, in Japanese, at Noriyuki Works Twitter.

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