The upcoming Shadow Lady Chun-Li Boss Battle in Street Fighter 5 is insanely hard and will apparently feature new specials and Critical Arts

Put your precious Fight Money on the line for a title only a select few will likely obtain

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 15, 2019 at 4:45 p.m. PDT | Comments: 45

A new Extra Battle is slated to go live in Street Fighter 5 at 9 pm PT, and we're hearing a lot of emphasis on how exceptionally hard it will be to complete.

Shadow Lady Chun-Li was revealed by Capcom today on Twitter, but she was actually revealed by data miner X-Kira over a week ago.

"Shadow Lady steps into the light in #SFVAE for an optional Extra Battle / Boss Battle challenge August 15th (9 pm PDT) through August 18th (8 pm PDT)! Beware! This is a VERY difficult challenge for expert players only. If you can win, flaunt the new in-game title!" reads Capcom's tweet from today.

This advanced challenge piqued our interests but seeing X-Kira's footage of the evil Chun in action actually has us excited. This is all alleged, but he says that the boss character's vitality is 1,350, stun is 2,000, she has two Critical Arts, and then six extra special moves.

It isn't out of the ordinary for Street Fighter 5 developers to grant special abilities to their Extra Battle bosses, but X-Kira's showcase reveals a character capable of almost Marvel vs. Capcom style combos and play.

Will you be pursuing the mysterious new title you can get for besting her? (Please note that X-Kira has pasted what appears to be a joke HTML address in the video. It references a pornography website, and we recommend you do not try to navigate to it because of NSFW content.) Check her out for yourself in the video to see if you'll dare spend your Fight Money to face her once she's live in-game.

Here is Capcom's tweet with the sneak peek image of Shadow Lady Chun:

Shadow Lady image #1
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