MkLeo's dominance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is doing more for the scene than you'd think

While it may seem boring on the outside, it is good for the scene

Posted by Nico 'SuperQue' Smith • August 16, 2019 at 5:17 p.m. PDT

FOX|MkLeo wins again! It seems to be pretty cut-and-dried. Seems to be recurring, almost every week right?

He's winning at unprecedented levels in Smash Ultimate. The last time we saw this type of dominance was during Tempo|ZeRo's Guinness World Record tournament winning streak, or maybe with Melee and the gods. How can one person winning everything major be good for the scene?

There is always dominance in the FGC and in Smash. It always has been, and it always will be. A player or group of players will rise above the rest and win. Not as in a singular win, but winning tournaments, and major ones at that.

What does singular dominance do though? "It makes the game boring to watch," or "Why would I watch when I know who's going to win?" "MkLeo's gonna win anyway," seem to be common sentiments.

But when you look deeper, it actually has a much bigger impact than that which you can see on the surface.

It brings more eyes to the game, for starters. People want to see the number one player get knocked off. You can see that across any game or any show, or in any sport in life. The Golden State Warriors' domination of the last five NBA seasons brought more eyes to the game because so many wanted to see them fall. The Patriots are the most hated franchise in the NFL and the most-watched when they play because, again, we want to see them lose.

Secondly, it forces the field to improve. We have seen a consistent four players making top eight at all the majors so far. Those same players are in the top four of the PGRU rankings. After that despite where players are ranked, we have seen a revolving door with multiple players reaching top eights at different major tournaments. This new season alone has had new faces popping up, from unranked competitors to lower-ranked ones. Consistency has become much harder because everyone is improving so rapidly.

It brought visibility to Mexico and their scene as well. Just at Super Smash Con 2019, we had two Mexicans make top eight!

When you look at MkLeo's dominance it seems crazy nearly. He has only lost three sets in the last seven major tournaments that were either an S or an A-tier, though two of said losses happened at the two most recent events. It is getting harder. He even announced he picked up a new secondary to handle some of his harder matchups.

His winning is forcing the Smash Ultimate scene to improve and adapt. We are seeing a new generation rise and push him. Even if they lose the set, pushing him to a game five or game three is huge. Riddles, Wildcard|Sandstorm, and other young players have garnered attention off of that aside from other accolades.

More sponsors than in Smash 4 are now involved with Ultimate. Players who successfully push him to the limit, and get his respect and do well are getting more chances to compete more.

More and more young players are popping up. He serves as an inspiration to the next generation as well as some of the current and older. His detail and drive are often mentioned by other top players.

When you consider his background and why he began competing in the first place, you have to respect and appreciate what he is doing. He does it to provide for his family back home. His story parallels that of ZeRo, coming to America to compete and win to help his family. One of the biggest things is that despite the success, he remains humble.

So when you get tired of his winning, just remember how it actually benefits the community. The intangible ways are just as important as the viewership and tangibles we can see.

We must start appreciating the greats while they still are here or still compete. As Kanye once said, "People never get the flowers while they can still smell 'em."

Photo credit: Stephanie Lindgren.

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