Be careful with your hurtboxes in Samurai Shodown or else you may end up frozen in Rimururu's ice... even if you are behind her

Watch your boxes

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 15, 2019 at 6:37 a.m. PDT

Samurai Shodown players have been eagerly sinking their teeth into the game's new Version 1.11 update which rebalanced the entire cast leading to a whole bunch of discoveries and painful reminders of how punishing the game can be.

Twitter user Snusfen posted the conclusion of assumedly one of their matches between Darli Dagger and new DLC fighter Rimururu which goes to show the importance of knowing characters' hitboxes, collision boxes and hurtboxes... lest you end up like this poor soul.

After securing a small life lead, the Rimururu player decides to throw out their big glacier super to try and trap the other player, but Darli was able to correctly jump over the attack to land directly behind the young priestess — which you'd think would leave her wide open.

The Darli player of course winds up to do what they expected to be a heavy punish though we wouldn't be here if that were the case would we. Said newcomer's saw blade does momentarily connect with Rimururu, but it also hits the giant wall of ice in front of her.

Thanks to the blade's hurtbox / collision box, Darli is essentially teleported inside of the moving ice block leading to the KO victory for Rimururu.

Punishing supers can be a surprisingly tricky affair in fighting games at times because they're almost always come packing a giant active hitbox along with priority that will take over anything that it touches.

You can check out the full short Samurai Shodown clip below.

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